Budget Travel to Thailand: Where to Eat

If you’re on a budget travel to Thailand , one important thing to plan is where to eat. This touristy country certainly has so many restaurants to choose from but one sure place to get super affordable food is the Night Market.

Please watch this short video to find out where you could get the best value for your money.

Night Market is the place to go. Night markets or night bazaars are street markets, which apparently opens at night. It is certainly cheaper than regular restaurants, or fastfood chains. Aside from this, the night market is the best place to experience Thai food and delicacies at an affordable price. Also, most night markets promote local traditions like the Thai puppet show, folk songs and dances, so this is the place to go to feel authentic Thai vibes.

a boy holding strawberry smoothie at the night market
Derick and Summer Thailand @the night market

As seen in the video, 10USD has bought a family of four enough food for dinner. And below are the food they bought in the night market.

  1. Fried rice with vegetables and salted fish.
  2. Bamboo shoot spring rolls
  3. Roasted pork
  4. Deep fried chicken
  5. Crispy fried seafood with vegetables
  6. Local french fries
  7. Strawberry shake
  8. Crispy pancakes
  9. Bottled water

It is a tradition and certainly a great one. Going to a night market, especially in big cities is like one-stop shopping as it also has shops for Thai souvenirs and memorabilia. Definitely the best place to go if you are on a budget travel to Thailand or to any Asian country.

One downside though, which by the way is being looked at for solution, is the amount of plastics used.

Have you ever been to a night market?

If you are looking for an affordable place and at the same time loaded with so much fun to visit with your family, you might want to consider going to the most affordable aquarium in Thailand.

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Three Budget Places for Budget Travellers in Prathum Wan Bangkok

Prathum Wan is one of Bangkok’s seven districts. It is the center of commerce. It is compact with plush hotels and shopping centers. For budget travellers, this could spell trouble in the pocket. However there are still things and great places even budget travellers would enjoy in Prathum Wan. One is exploring the entire place on foot. Totally cheap, right? Thanks to skywalk system in the city, one could actually hop from one block to the other without having to pay a ride. Everything is just a walk away. I have done it so can you. Another, having places where one could buy gifts and souvenirs for people back home.  Although Prathum Wan is popular for its luxurious shopping centers, it also has places that sell products at very affordable prices. So let’s take a tour.

Here are four awesome places where you could avail for great deals and definitely get your moneys worth.

I bought these 4 novelty shirts for my family for only 600 baht ($18)

1. The famous Platinum Fashion Mall. This is popular among Thai business owners and youngsters. The mall has got everything from children apparel and toys to fashionable clothes and accessories retail and wholesale, all organized in their six storey building which is only a five minute walk from Central World.

2. Mahboonkrong (MBK) Shopping Center is an eight storey building packed with anything and everything that you have in mind. It is not as glitzy as the chain of Siam Centers opposite it, but it sure has its own charm especially for those looking for 30% to 50% discounted products. Trendy  clothings, shoes, handbags, jewelries are found at the lower floors. Toys and electronics are found at the third and fourth floors, and home furnishings, gifts, and souvenirs at the fifth and sixth floors. 3D trick museum on the top floors which I have to explore the next time I go with my family.

Bought this Mr. Sexy shirt for my hubby ($6)

3. Miniso @Mercury Ville. Miniso is a famous Japanese brand at the third floor of Mercury Ville. They have got colorful choices of wallet, coin purse, handbags, towels, stuff toys, slippers, perfume, electronic headset, and many more. Prices range from 69 to 169 baht (a little over 2 to 5 dollars).

Bought several cute coin purses for friends and collegues (only $2)

4. Pratunam Market is located  across Platinum Fashion Mall.  It has wide variety of fashionable clothings,  jewelry,  handbags, and other accessories for retail and wholesale.  It is a single tier building and non-air-conditioned, despite though, many still frequent the place due to galores of bargains and discounted products.


You get to experience the best of both worlds, right.

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