Indoor toys!

Summer and Derick both love motorbike rides.  My husband drives both of them around the village every afternoon for a joy ride.

They love it.  Most especially Derick.  It is a new experience for him.  I can see the excitement and enthusiasm in his eyes every time he rides with his dad.

So we bought them toy bikes/trikes that they can use indoors.  The first one is a glider type.  It doesn’t have a dynamo.  It is propelled by swinging the steering handles left to right. The second one runs on a motor powered by a rechargeable a battery.


Check out our video.

Please just don’t mind the clutter and writings on the wall, all courtesy of  Summer and Derick ^_^.  We don’t have a “help or a housekeeper” at home. Working parents find it very difficult maintaining a tidy place with kids around. ^_^ Cheers!

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20 thoughts on “Indoor toys!

    1. Hi, Mike. Thank you for dropping by.
      ..been to your blog.. Sorry, I don’t have the time to review right now. So I shared your blog instead in facebook, twitter, and g+. I hope this will help.

  1. most of my cousins own those kind of toys.. and even as an 18 year old already, I still love playing and riding those.. haha! 🙂

  2. You have cute little angels there. I have an almost 4 year-old toddler too and I can relate to the graffiti on the wall. But I have to make the house organized because I feel more stressed if I see clutters around and the sad part of it… I have no househelp as well 🙁

  3. I used to play those toy cars as well with my sister and neighbors when we were kids and we had an imaginary gasoline station in case our car runs out of gas. Hahaha.

  4. Oh, I perfectly understand about the graffiti on the wall. My daughter used to be like that too when she was younger :). She also used to have a glider bike like that. Yes, hours of endless fun for the little ones…

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