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My Derick has just turned one year old.  We bought him a Neo sorter toy by Wonderworld, Thailand.

It says;  it develops the visual-spatial and logical skills of the child.  I like that! Learning while playing.   Aside from this, it is also made from old rubber trees that do not produce latex anymore.    The paint or color used on the box is made from water-based paint.   The whole packaging including the box itself is made from 70 percent recycled paper..   Although, it is expensive based on my standard, I thought it was a good buy.  It is durable. Most all, it is eco-friendly and educational.  For me, we should not only think of things that will give our kids immediate happiness.  But we should also think and do whatever we can to help them have a quality future.

At this point, Derick nibbles on the geometric shapes, and throws them around.  It’s Summer who enjoys playing with it.


What toys did you give your kids when they were 1?

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9 thoughts on “Derick’s New Toy

  1. Jack has a similar one to that – it’s round though with shapes – he doesn’t really play much with it (he is 18 months).

    His favourite toy from his 1st birthday was a big dump truck 🙂

  2. I haven’t tried buying my baby a wooden toy, there is an online toy store here that sells wooden toys, just forgot who posted it.

    I bought my Yesha blocks, sketcher where she can scribble and other educational toys too. But most of her toys (which aren’t that too educational LOL) were gifts from relatives and friends =)

  3. That’s a very nice toy you have there. I agree with you that we should not give them toys for their immediate happiness. Because sometimes, they also immediately forget about them. Toys that would help babies and toddlers think are the ideals ones. Especially those that challenge their minds.

  4. That looks like a wonderful toy. I love wooden toys. I also gave out shape sorters to my nephews for Christmas this year, but made of plastic. They are almost the same age as your son. Hopefully, the will like it. My Henry, however, did not play much with his shape sorter.

  5. It was a year ago when my son turned a year old. We bought him tow mater stuffed toy which he chose from the store but then he got scared when the toy talked. Gave him shape sorters also but only to end up using the shapes as teether. Now he’s able to play with it. Btw, that shape sorter is pretty nice compared to the shape sorters here.

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