Filipinos being in a tropical country love fruits…. green, unripe fruits.  This is very much contrary to western food preference.  I have an American colleague, who was a bit confused.  He was wondering why we torture ourselves eating sour, crunchy green mangoes when we can wait for a little while and have a sweet, tasty, and soft ripe mango. He must have thought of this as really silly, lol.

Oh well, that is I guess the beauty of having so many fruits.  We can afford to eat anytime, anywhere in whatever form we like it.  We can also afford to be creative in how we serve them.

Like dip it in….

soy sauce

vinegar with salt


shrimp paste

This is the Filipino way.  I remember, when I was in primary years my sisters and I used to buy the  sliced green mangoes for 1 peso and we dipped it in vinegar with salt.  Then sip the vinegar dip after.  Oh my, reminiscing those times makes me salivate, lol.

Thai dipping is quite different, in a sense that it is full of chillies. They have variety of dippings which are pretty exotic and yummy too.  For now, I will feature 2 favorites of mine.

PRIK KLEAU is a mixture of salt, sugar, and powered chillies. But there are twice as much salt than sugar.  So, it is dominantly salty with a bit of sweetness.

prik kleau    DSC00206

BUAI on the other hand has the same composition as prik kleau but with the addition of powdered dried plum.  There are twice as much sugar than salt.  It is sweet with a bit of saltiness.

buai   buai1


These two are very easy to do.  You can try this at home.  Let us know how you find it. Don’t forget the chillies.  It would not be Thai without it.


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31 thoughts on “Dips

  1. Well, this is probably something that we will never grow from..
    Green unripe mango is just as tempting as the ripe one..
    Brings so much memory of childhood for me

  2. The dip choices actually made me salivate for awhile there. Manggang hilaw is definitely a favorite. I love dipping it with shrimp paste and/or salt with chili bits.

  3. Looks like buro sis. Usually sa provinces meron nun. I love dips also. Patis, toyo, bagoong alamang, mas masarap ang kain hehe =)

  4. It’s funny how I was salivating reading this post. We also have almost the same thai dip here in the philippines: chili and salt, but there’s no sugar. In the province, they have powdered chili that they call as “dumang” and then mix it with salt.

  5. Isn’t it great living in a country that is abundant in many natural things like fruits. We are so lucky having a chance to taste mango in its different stages and taste. Well about the dips you are sharing, it is interesting I may try to make one some of this days to experience thai type of dips =)

  6. I love green sour mangoes. specially dipped in a soysauce with sugar mixture.. I don’t mind Caucasians thinking we are weird, but this makes us unique… we have our own culture that I am proud of.. 😀

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