Pregnant women harassment

“Whatever else the tabloid-media feel a sick need to spew out of their venomous bowels,

let that be their lame choice. But there should be some moral

It doesn’t matter who the woman is or what she does,” she wrote.

“No one should ever be publicly judged for their body, but to attack an

expecting mother is sacrilegious and just plain wrong. A pregnant woman

should not be criticized for her shape, period!!” – Helena Christensen

I read this from OMG yesterday.

Firstly, I was struck by the braveness of Helena to openly defend women against media harassment (not really kim Kardashian).  I salute you.  It was also a sort of an eye-opener for me.  Every now and then I read about entertainment. Everytime there are negative articles about how someone gained weight, about how awful this female celebrity looks.  Before it was Jessica Simpson and now Kim Kardashian.  There have been many others as well.  But these two women are the most sensationalized.

 Secondly, negative criticisms on a pregnant woman is way too cruel, unscrupulous and brainless. I mean, seriously? What do you expect? She will get thinner.  I feel bad for Kim, or even Jessica.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fan.  But I’m a mother.  No matter how tough or I-don’t-care-what-they-say type of personality a woman has, but when a woman is pregnant it’s a totally different story. All these physical and hormonal changes play havoc on a woman’s emotions.

While reading the article, I imagine myself being bullied and laughed at because everything in me is getting bigger and bigger.  Oh my gosh! I was so big and ugly during my second pregnancy.  Had I heard negative criticisms from people around me back then, it would have really devastated me.  I mean honestly speaking, being pregnant is not a walk in the park.  It’s quite difficult.  So negative criticisms would not really help.  It’s like adding insult to injury.

So I strongly agree with Helena. Articles criticizing women because of their looks, appearance, and weight are just out right bullying. Articles criticizing pregnant women are just monstrously foul and unethical.


qqeust How do you feel about media harassment in general?




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32 thoughts on “Pregnant women harassment

    1. I could not agree more with what you said. Pregnant women need alot of support during these times. She shouldn’t be stressed especially during the first trimester.

  1. As a mom and a body love advocate, I agree with this article. It is ridiculous the pressure we put on everyone to fit the media’s standard of beauty even when pregnant or postpartum. I don’t understand how anyone can think it’s right to make profit by essentially shaming these women over their bodies changing in ways that they cannot help.

  2. From a Mom who gained 70 pounds (yes…that is a 7) with both (yes both) pregnancies I do feel for the celebs who can’t maintain that cute baby bump while pregnant. I was pg at the same time as Kelly Rippa and as I watched her from afar prancing around in her heels while I couldn’t get into my flip flops I felt bad. Thank goodness no one was taking pictures of me and critiquing me or I might have just gone into hiding.

    As far as it stopping? It won’t! Women love to read and talk about other women. For better or worse. We can only control our own lives and what we talk about. Someone else said it above…it sells…and that is sad.


  3. It really is awful to make fun of a pregnant woman, no matter who they are. I was pregnant completing my last semester in college, and I was surrounded by beautiful, fit women, so it made me feel very self-conscious. Especially since I stuck out like a sore thumb! I spent a lot of time on my appearance to make myself feel better, and people were so very nice to me, so it made up for it. I would be mortified if I was criticized the way she is.

  4. Pregnant women need all the moral support from people around them and the public in general . Many go through difficult pregnancies while most will be dealing with the usual weight issues. It is not easy.

  5. pregnant women should be given utmost care. they should be given love not criticism… understanding and patience for them is vital… and definitely harassment is a no no. Yahweh bless.

  6. I agree with this article. Those kind of negative write ups about preggy women’s looks, size and weight is really a no-no for me. I mean, its kinda degrading for the personality of them.

  7. Pregnant women should be taken care of and not be bullied, But in the case of Kim Kardashian, They are in a place where they are very open to criticism, mostly negative, and Kim is acting as if she is not pregnant, wearing clothes an average pregnant women will not wear! If she will only chose to be private, she may not be bullied, as you said. But she is paid to be public because of their reality show. where she is earning millions of dollars.

  8. This is bullying and harassment. Why people odn’t leave the Kardashian’s alone. I have read a lot of negative remarks about them and kim’s pregnancy. People, why don’t you just stick your nose’s to your own business.

  9. WHO IS THE MONSTER THAT CRITICIZED PREGNANT WOMEN? That’s utterly shameless and foul! I don’t watch television so this is new to me. I don’t read the entertainment section on the internet, too. I do like Kim K….

  10. Oh gosh buti na lang talaga when I was pregnant I didn’t hear a nega word, or did i just block it then? Hmm..but yes, even if someone’s not expecting, people shouldn’t be judged on looks, size etc. Siguro kung behavior pa yan.

  11. agree sis. Its like another partake of bullying happening and the victims are those pregnant woman. Not fair and those people were such D***s for doing that so. No respect to thei mothers. Kudos to Helena!

  12. Pregnant women should be taken cared of and not bullied. They are already burdened by a responsibility of carrying a life so it would help if they are respected.

  13. I gained lots of weight in my first pregnancy and it has been pointed out to me. As if naman we’re not already aware that we’re gaining weight diba? Hopefully people will be more sensitive when it comes to these things.

  14. I hope people who tends to make criticisms like that get the chance to eat them. It’s not funny carrying a child in one’s tummy for 9 months and just be bullied like that.

  15. I can relate because when I was pregnant I also hear negative comments so I always feel that I was the ugliest pregnant in the world.

  16. I’ve heard about that. That is so sad, that people will go to that length and talk about a pregnant woman. Everyone knows she is pregnant, its not like she’s gaining weight for no reason. I disliked my body in my 2nd pregnancy. I just hope that she is not reading about herself in the media. I can’t even imagine going through something like that.

  17. I agree that no one should be so worried about someone gaining weight, especially when they are pregnant. I also feel that if people stop buying gossip (entertainment) rags then maybe the media would stop.

  18. I was just reading about this last night…. it’s horrible and is almost like bullying! I mean, she’s pregnant! Then again, pregnant or not, there is still no need to bash over weight gain 🙁

  19. Yes I consider this bullying also. People should be more sensitive on the things they said over the net especially if it’s a pregnant woman they’re talking about.

  20. I love this post! I think it is horrible how the press and some media have bashed Kim and Jessica while they are/were pregnant! What is wrong with people that they are so shallow and hateful?

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