Our Family’s Precious Weekend 3

This weekend we did not really have any itinerary in mind.  What we did was our usual addiction..just drive around.  It is our most expensive vice so far.  Anyway, while driving going to Songkla, we happened to pass by this bunch of people who were flying something which looked like kites from afar, but are actually RC helicopter/airplane.

Summer was right away captivated by the sight of these big-sized RC (Remote Controlled) helicopter and airplanes.  She shouted in a dreamily fashion “oh I want to buy an airplane!”.  She was so curious.  Her questions were non-stop.

* Why is it big?

* Why does it have like this?  (imitating the motion of the propeller)

* Why did he do that?

* What did he put inside? (The RC airplane used real gasoline.)

* Can I touch it? Why not?

Oh my kids…

It was indeed a spectacle to watch.  If I was given the chance to play those big RC toys, I would gladly do so.  But we were mere spectators at that time; and I would not trust myself because it is not as easy as it looks.

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42 thoughts on “Our Family’s Precious Weekend 3

  1. I like the thought of just driving around and discovering something new. I do agree, it can be terribly expensive, however, the fun and new experiences are worth every penny. 🙂

  2. I dunno much about RC helicopters but I know about children asking tons of questions!

    My little one drives me crazy sometimes with her numerous questions 🙂

  3. Those are really cool toys. I bet my Henry would be asking alot of questions if he saw those. So envious that you can just drive around and see lovely things, that’s something you don’t usually see in Manila.

  4. Well, you know kids talaga very curios on everything they saw. I guess, we should always be ready to answer those a bit crazy question. he he

  5. RC toys are very expensive. If you’re a hobbyist pa, you will not stop at just getting the stock kit, you’d want to upgrade parts and accessories. Shempre gas pa, so magastos!

  6. Kids have so many questions and they are truly naive but by just seeing them feel so amazed with those remote controlled helicopters is indeed.a memorable one.

  7. Amazeballs! The first and last time that I was able to witness flying RC’s was just this February. I saw quite a few being flown when I attended the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Clark.

  8. When I was a kid till high school I played RC during the weekends with schoolmates and friends. I had one here kaya lang sira na dahil sa kalumaan. So many memories with friends naaalala ko tuloy.

  9. haha, this is so funny. I don’t think it’s just little kids who are enthralled with RC flying objects. I got my dad a RC Helicopter for his 58th birthday and he couldn’t put it down for weeks.

  10. Early fall of 2012 we got to see a neighbor fly an airplane and it was so cool!! He would fly right above our heads and my boys had so much fun! Now my oldest has a tiny RC helicopter that we can’t quite figure out how to fly properly…oops!

  11. my daughter would be delighted to see this. But big helicopters is a little bit pricey so i guess we have to pass this one. But nonetheless, your family seems to have a good time.

  12. Funny how my son caught his attention when I played this video! He loved playing with his ekekems (airplanes). It’s an expensive hobby and I think I have to save up for it in the near future for my son.

  13. i love those big helicopter also and big remote control boat. i tried to get one before in thailand because it was cheap there though i was trying it and it is very hard to control haha xx

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