A Thank you present



Nothing would make a teacher’s heart warm and happy than a simple “thank you” from his/her student.  My Malaysian students Adam and Dalilah Rozaimi gave each and everyone of the teachers and staff a personalized present. What makes this present really special is that, this is not only a holiday gift. But a THANK YOU GIFT, a thank you for the years we have spent together in school. A THANK YOU, probably for all those times we had fun together learning.  A THANK YOU, for all the lessons we have learned together.  The International school we were affiliated had stopped operation last December 2012. Something that is heartbreaking and unwelcome.  But there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you Adam and Dalilah.  I wish to see both of you again in the future.  Wherever the wind brings you, always remember to respect your parents and other people.  And always keep your feet on the ground.


You might want to check out Dalilah with Anusha storytelling about magnets: click here 399790_10150636526873606_135343565_n



What was the most special gift you’ve ever received?



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