Summer’s First New Year’s Party in School

summer xmas


Summer, my daughter, woke up early without any fuss.  She can’t wait to wear her new dress from Pretty Ovo.  She had been wanting to wear that the whole week.  When we got to her school, she was even more excited because the usual austere classroom was now full of colorful Christmas decors, balloons, and Christmas trees.

She expressed appreciation whenever she liked the dress or shoes her friends were wearing.  She loves dresses and shoes.  I am afraid she might have some kind of addiction to these.  She danced with her classmates. She posed for pictures with her Thai friends.

You might be wondering why New Year’s party and yet they have a Christmas decoration. My daughter goes to Suwanawong School.  It is a Thai Buddhist school.  They do not celebrate Christmas.  That is why December 25 is a working day here.

Her day was full of fun and games.  She fell asleep in the car.


QUESTION: How was your Christmas or New Year’s Party?


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9 thoughts on “Summer’s First New Year’s Party in School

  1. Looks like she had a blast! Did Summer get sad that Christmas is a working day? Or she grew up to that na?

    We spent Christmas stuck in a horrendous traffic in Tagaytay. For New Year, my daughter and I spent it stuck in bed at my in-laws. LOL. Infant kasi, so she can’t go out to watch fireworks because the smog in Bocaue was so dense and thick. Not that she’s aware anyway 🙂

    1. Summer has not experience how Christmas is in the Philippines. So I think, Christmas tree, gifts, and parties are her links to Christmas.
      Christmas in Tagaytay traffic jam is definitely sad and in a way ridiculous. I guess that’s already the modern times.

  2. Your daughter is a kikay in the making LOL! Hope she doesn’t tinker your kikay kit =)
    Fortunately for us, even though hubby and I are both work at home (si hubby lang pala ang work at home), we were able to attend three christmas parties, the first one was with the couples from our prayer community, the second was at my hubby’s maternal relatives and the last with his father’s side. =)

    1. Hahaha…true true… but the irony of it all. The thing is i really do not have a kikay kit. When i was younger i never wore make up. The heaviest make up i ever wore was face powder (Johnson’s baby powder) and lipstick.

      Now our daughter is really into it, watching you-tube make up tutorials and the lot.

      When going to the malls we always avoid “make-up shops” because it would be a lot of trouble telling her she is too young to wear make ups.

      Thanks for sharing Sis!

  3. Looks like she had fun on their party. It’s nice to see kids around having fun. I miss teaching preschool.

    We celebrated our Christmas and NYE at the hotels the usual way we celebrate it here.

  4. Unfortunately, we didn’t go to any Christmas or New Year’s party. We did have a late Christmas-Early NY dinner with friends at a famous buffet place here in Manila. I wish we had annual traditional Christmas parties with friends, but with many things changing in our lives, it’s pretty hard to plan and keep up with each other. Hopefully this year will be different.

  5. Looks like Summer had a lot of fun. I didn’t know they didn’t celebrate Christmas in Thailand. I did not get to take pictures at Henry’s Christmas party since parents were not allowed to go inside. They had an official photographer but you have to pay P600 for the pics. I was wondering, did you celebrate Christmas at home?

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