Helium vs Asthma

I was looking for a Science activity for my Science summer camp.  I was thinking the activity must be interesting but inexpensive.  As I was surfing the internet I came across Helium Laugh.  My family and I watched several vidz, and all are definitely hilarious.  You will laugh, and laugh, and laugh until your gasping for air to breathe or your jaws are fixed in a smiley manner. But I was a bit skeptical.  Does it really work?

So we decided to try it.  The thing is to use balloons filled with helium.  It is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic.  Aside from its major uses, it’s minor use is as a lifting gas for balloons and airships.  So to know that your balloon is made of helium, test it.  Let it go, if it flies, you have the right balloon. If it doesn’t, then most likely it is filled with other kinds of gas.

We decided that my husband will try it.  Well, it was fun. The helium laugh is authentic and really works.  But immediately after that my husband had an asthma attack which lasted for a week.  It has been awhile since he had an attack.  There were no prior incidents/circumstances that could have caused the attack.  I have read some sources in the internet wherein, helium is used  by doctors for asthmatic patients.  I am not in any way undervaluing these medical studies.  In fact, our experience on helium can be treated as another datum, that could help in whatever way in the study of helium and asthma.

Anyway, for whatever it is, it would be better to seek advice first before trying something like this specially if you have allergies.  After all prevention is better than cure.

Here’s our video of the Helium Laugh


Try the helium laugh and do share your experience here.


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3 thoughts on “Helium vs Asthma

  1. Hahaha your husband is funny! I’ve been curious about helium effects since I see them in a lot of movies, but I can’t inhale like that! I swear, I suck at smoking so I stopped it, I can’t even do shisha (if I’m spelling it right) so I don’t do that either! LOL.

  2. Hmm…this is interesting. I think we’ll try that this weekend. Thanks for also posting possible side effect.

    I think they sell something like this in HKG – happy gas or something similar to that, can’t remember na.

  3. I can only imagine how much fun our girls would have. However, I TRULY thank you for posting the sideffects your husband may have had. One of our girls was diagnosed as an asthmatic.


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