How to Build Safety Nets for Your Business

Not too long ago, we discussed how to run a business and a household. Being a working parent is hard enough; being a parent while trying to get a business off the ground is even more challenging. The market is growing right now, but there are still plenty of ways your business can fail.
Fortunately, failure is a risk you can anticipate. To safeguard yourself and the future of your household, you can put in place safety nets for added protection. These tips and tricks will help you get started.


A Fallback Plan

Always have something to fall back to when you are venturing into the world of entrepreneurship. Ask yourself, “what can you do when the business doesn’t work?” Having a career to get back to or a job that you can pick up immediately will help you keep the family afloat during the tough times.
Some business owners, even the more established ones, are even going back to school for the same reason. They attend the best surgical tech programs Oklahoma has to offer or pursue an MBA from top universities so that they are always ready for a job if needed.
If you already have the skills for a job, what you can do is keeping yourself up to date. Pick up new skills by taking short courses, learn new things and stay in tune with industry updates, and make sure you maintain your relationship with those still in the industry.


Insurance Policies

Many business owners make the mistake of not paying for insurance when they can. The insurance premiums are seen as added costs that are not really necessary for the business. One small mishap, however, and you may be relying on the insurance coverage to keep the business growing.
Some basic insurance coverage types are essential. Having sufficient liability insurance and adding a business insurance on top of that should add the necessary layers of protection that will keep your business from collapsing in the event of an accident.
Don’t forget workers’ insurance too. Make sure you provide your employees with health and workers’ insurance so that the business doesn’t end up picking up the bills. Besides, you are protecting the business’s biggest assets by offering employees a good healthcare package.


Other Businesses

The last layer of protection can only be added once the business is mature enough. At a certain point in the business’s lifecycle, you want to start thinking about diversification. Don’t just enter a new venture either. The best way to diversify is by looking uphill or downhill.
If you run a coffee shop, for instance, you can diversify by opening a coffee roaster. You can then buy beans directly from farmers or import them from various sources. Roasting your own beans give you the ability to create new product lines, including your own instant coffee and ground coffee for other shops.
The rest should be easy from there. Diversifying is one of the many safety nets you can add to better protect your business from unnecessary risks.

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Portable Cordless Handy Stitch: Should make sewing easy

Sharing is Caring

Portable Cordless Handy Stitch: Should make sewing easy

Been planning to make pillow cases, apron, and mini dresses for my daughter’s barbie dolls for as long as I can remember. It’s quite ambitious and almost impossible to sew these manually. So when I saw this portable, cordless, handy stitch online I thought to myself perfect! Another Mom’s new toy.

The Handy Stitch

It came in this blue box with the sewing kit wrapped in bubble wrap, and some extra parts like thread,  threader,  and thread spool. It also has an instructional manual, which is in English, great!


A single item of the handy stitch is worth 944 baht, but they offer packages too, like 2 for only 1,247 baht (I’m a mom on a budget, so I thought this is a great deal!). I bought two, one for me and one for my daughter.


Buying online

Buying the handy stitch online was quick. All I did was send them a private message in their Facebook page and they got back to me immediately with the pricing, and then some other details were needed too like name and address. Everything was settled in a matter of minutes and after three days, voila, got my cute sewing machine. Paid them cash upon receiving it, and excitedly got on to business.


And how’s it?

Oh well, lemon. Yes I bought a lemon! It came with a piece of cloth where there are stitches to prove that it works (as you can see in the photo above) . Yes it does work…for the first 10 seconds. Thought I broken it, so I got the other one. The same thing, worked for 10 seconds then started acting up.
It uses a single thread which the needle would sew into a chain stitch on the fabric. But on closer look, my husband and I figured that the needle couldn’t loop the thread. We watched Youtube reviews and found out other owners have similar problems. One suggested to recalibrate the needle by tightening the screw that holds it in place. And so we did. It worked! It managed to make a few stitches, then two or three without stitches, then it’s sewing again, then nothing, then a few, then nothing and more nothing. Don’t tell me the needle needs re-adjustment every few stitches!

I was frustrated and disappointed big time. This is the second time we bought a China made item online (the first was Dengo Car Camera), both turned out a waste of our hard-earned money. So far the only local brand that performed well beyond our expectation is a Thailand-made AJ sound system, which up until now is working and we’re enjoying it.

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6 Mountain Bike Accessories You Can’t Ever Leave at Home Again

You love the adrenaline rush, right?


But do you ever really think about the consequences of your ride? In San Diego mountain bikes can be seen everywhere as people enjoy their favorite hobby. But how many of them are missing out on the ultimate ride or are dangers to themselves or others?


These mountain bike accessories will solve most of the problems.


Bike Cleaner

You may think mountain bikes are supposed to be full of dirt and grime. But maintenance on any item is essential, and not only for aesthetic reasons. If you don’t look after your bike you’ll waste money. Wear and tear will happen faster & there will be more friction. You’ll have to replace parts often.


Clean equipment works better. Your bike will respond fast, making you less of a danger on the road.


You can clean your bike with professional products or by spraying on a soapy mixture of your own.


A Repair Stand

Most of the time it’s simply easier to take your bike to the professionals. Working on it yourself is cumbersome.


But not if you invest in a repair stand. Some of them are collapsible so you can take yours to the track. If you need to clean or repair anything having the bike stable and in an elevated position will make your task easier.


If you’re serious about San Diego mountain bikes adventures, be serious about looking after your bike.


Chain Breaker

The importance of having tools is obvious. But putting a multi tool in your pocket is not enough for mountain biking.


A common problem with bikes is when a chain twists or breaks. And a chain can easily be fixed but only if you have a chain breaker on hand. This tool enables you to separate the chain in a certain spot and also to mend it.


You know how important a functioning chain is. If you don’t keep this tool with you, you’ll end up carrying your bike more than it carries you.


A Dropper Seat Post

This item may seem a bit too luxurious for mountain biking. But don’t focus on the luxury of a dropper seat post. Think of how it enhances your riding.


If you control the height of your seat from your handle bars all future inclines will waste less of your time. You can find the perfect seating position to help you peddle better without even stopping to adjust it. In rough terrain where it’s riskier to stop than to keep going, you’ll be thankful you invested in this accessory.


A Bike Carrying Handle

Where is your next ride? If you’re planning to go to a rough track you should consider a mountain bike handle. It attaches to your frame without influencing your riding experience. When you have to pick up your bike—whether you’re traversing stairs or mountainous terrain—you’ll use less of your precious energy because carrying it will be more comfortable.


Technological Gadgets

Technology brought us many gadgets and machines. And some of them are worth including as mountain bike accessories.


Get a phone mount. Yes, mountain biking is ideal to get away from the bustle of modern society. But you never know when you’ll get lost or hurt. You’ll be thankful you have somewhere to turn to.


Here’s another idea. Use an app on your Smartphone to track your progress so you can become a better rider than ever before. Only by tracking your performance will you know where you need improvement.


This list is not simply for the professional riders. Without the necessary tools to look after yourself your bike adventures can turn into nightmares. Be smart and plan ahead. On the day when everything goes wrong you’ll be thankful you did.

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Real Time Lightning Tracker Monitors Thunderstorms

Many people are scared of lightning and thunder. I have seen people shutting tight their eyes and plugging both their ears with their fingers when the lightning flashes. There are others who are fascinated with lightning and thunder. Some think that lightning is beautiful. Whichever group we belong to, we all know that lightning can be very dangerous and may cause serious damage to lives and properties.

Some places are more prone to lightning strikes and some forest fires were caused by lightning. It is reported that many lightning strike survivors claims that just before they were struck by lightning, they felt their hair standing on end. There is a possible risk of being struck by lightning when using a corded phone during a thunderstorm. You may find it difficult to believe but lightning can strike even when the sky is blue and not necessary dark and threatening.

If you like to watch lightning, do so from behind closed glass window, in the safety of your home or office. Try to get out of open space as fast as you can and stay indoors with windows closed. If you happened to be in your car, keep all the windows closed and stay away from any metal parts of the car.

Anyone can install a real time lightning tracker app on a mobile phone to find out if there is a possibility of a lightning near you or where it would be. With the app, you can monitor the movement and intensity of thunderstorms on a map and see how close they are to your area. The app will also send notifications whenever a strike is detected in your area to allow you time to get to safety or remain indoors. Most of these apps are highly reliable, providing accurate alerts if lightning is close to your area by using the latest data from global weather models combined with high-resolution lightning data.

Most of the lightning tracker apps share some common key features.

  • Display global thunderstorm and lightning strikes details on a real time lightning strike map
  • Display history of lightning strikes hotspots
  • Forecast thunderstorm movement and intensity
  • Send notifications to alert of nearby storm for live monitoring purposes.
  • Send alert messages before lightning is expected near your location.
  • Display accurate location of lightning using high quality weather data combine with high resolution lightning data.
  • Enable sharing with friends of approaching storms and lightning.

Be informed of possible thunderstorms and lightning strikes in your area with a lightning tracker on your mobile phone.

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How Do You Pay Bills in Thailand

Paying bills in Thailand is easy peazy. It does not feel like it is an errand. Flashback, years back in the Philippines paying electricity and water bills were tedious. It was something I hoped I did not have to do. And also it costs extra money as offices oftentimes are kilometers apart. Fast forward, it was a little over 10 years ago when we had our first business transaction with a Thai company wherein we had to pay a gadget for an eight -month installment. That was when I realized what a breeze it is to pay bills here.

Aside from paying in a company’s bills and payment department, here are other places where one could pay bills-electricity, water, credit card, car loan, and etc. 

  •  The ever ubiquitous 7 11, so one can pay bills anywhere, any time of the day.
  • Lotus Express is a 24 hour convenient store affiliated with Tesco Lotus.
  • Tesco Lotus service….
  • Big C
  • pay at post
  • CenPay
  • Affiliated Banks (almost all banks) krung Thai Bank
    bangkok Bank
    Krung Sri
    Siam Commercial Bank
    Bank of Ayudhaya
    Government Saving Bank
    Thanachart Bank

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UPDATED Thai Insurance: Batprakansangkom (บัตรประกันสังคม)

Thai Insurance: Batprakansangkom

In a previous post, I talked about my personal experience using Thai Insurance: Batprakansangkom (บัตรประกันสังคม)  

It has been almost two years since I posted that. Many things have happened. Now I’m making an update on medical services covered by Batprakansangkom based on my experience.  So aside from free outpatient doctor’s fee, medicines, and maternity compensation this Thai insurance also covers the following:

  • Annual pap smear and other gynecologic tests and medicine
  • Urinalysis
  • Blood test
  • Ultrasound
  • CT scan
  • X-ray
  • Echocardiogaraphy
  • Surgery
  • Oral Prophylaxis (teeth cleaning)
  • Tooth Filling and extraction

I’ll keep this post updated every now and then, so keep on checking.

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Guitar Wall Mount

Guitar Wall Mount

Having guitars and bass guitars on floor stands in a small room is kind of a hassle. The fear of knocking them over is always there and of course knocking them over is always a possibility. The continuous need to move them around as you walk around your room increases the probability of your precious instruments getting damaged. Having a guitar wall mount saves you from this hassle. These guitar wall mounts are easy to install and are very reliable. There are plenty of Guitar wall mount at 

Even for musicians who have tons of room to spare, these wall mounts can be very pleasing to the eyes once they are lined up on a wall with all of your beautiful guitars and bass guitars mounted on the walls.

How would these guitar wall mounts fit into the total looks of your house?

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Music is Life.

Music is certainly a part of life. It may take you to a whole new level in terms of finances and popularity or it may just be a thing you listen to everyday for inspiration, strength, or encouragement. But no matter what the reason is, music is a great influence in so many different ways.

For many years now The Voice is the biggest platform there is for artists and watching it is both entertaining and inspiring. Listening to contestants give his/her own rendition of a famous song and nailing it is so amazing.  As one continues watching,  you’d find yourself anticipating the next performance,  looking forward to a new style and new type of voice.  Aside from these,  contestants have their own distinct musical journey that anyone could relate to or get encouragement from. Another thing that is so amazing is knowing that these artists have such great passion for their craft,  touring from place to place sharing themselves and their music to everyone else. Once on tour everything must be prepared, the costumes, make up,  props and most especially the instruments. Tour managers must know the where-to go places like guitar center dallas in case the need arises.  Anyway speaking of tour,  several of The Voice artists winners and non-winners alike have been busy touring all over America. Now this is certainly inspiring.

In what way has music been a great influence to you?

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Every now and then, my family has some sort of theme song which is our favorite for that time being. I remember “September” being played and sang almost everyday in the house and even in the car. The rich sound of the song would really have you sing and dance. It’s something that only a saxophone can do.

Saxophones are quite a rare thing here, gladly though there are many choices from wwbw instrument store. It’s great to have my kiddos exposed to as many musical instruments as possible, so they would be able to decide well on what to choose to play and concentrate on later.

What is your favorite brasswind instrument?


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Flashback:Groovy University Years

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Flashback: Groovy University Years

For some their high school years were the happiest, but not for me. My university years were the most memorable, happiest, and colorful years of my life. The sense of freedom which seems to be inherent with it paved way to all sorts of activities which were not possible in high school.

The coolest one was when my friends and I were asked to form a band for a university event which then led to gigs in pubs and restaurants later on. It was the biggest project we had to take on during our younger years. We were nervous but totally excited.

We were pretty organized. The first thing we did was made sure we had the kind of members we wanted in the band. Musicians who know their instrument and are willing to devote time, effort, and money. Since we were just starting up, funds were scarce. So some instruments were either rented or borrowed. We had to chip in though for the amplifier. It was important for us to have an excellent amp with very good groove tubes inside to make sure the sound of our guitars are enhanced well. Next, we chose the songs we all liked and familiar with. Being familiar with the first set of songs saves time during rehearsals and because you like the songs the probability of a great performance is high, first impression lasts, right? And so, we had a lot of time to prepare for the next set of songs.

Basically, from experience, there are three important things needed to form a band. These are:
> enthusiastic, devoted musicians
> great instruments and equipment
> time, time, time for rehearsals

This is one of the reasons why my university years were the happiest.
What about you?


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