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February is the love month.  Its the time of the year when we can loosen up and get mushy/corny a bit.  OMG, saying this already sounds mushy to me. Well, I have to summon all my guts. I am not the expressive type of  person. One classic example was, when my husband and I were still boyfriend-girlfriend he told me “I love you”, I replied “Thank you”.  LOL. Not because I don’t feel the same way, but it’s just that I’m not used to saying this, thus saying it sound so mushy.

For me, Love, like faith is something that needs not be said.  But sometimes, like what my husband says, it’s also good to hear those things/attributes that are loved and appreciated by the partner. So I am summoning all my guts. I am stepping out from my comfort zone.  Here I will enumerate the things that makes my heart beat for you Dear Ryan. So here it goes.  I LOVE YOU BECAUSE…….

1.  You are head over heels in love with me.  LOL. Oh so conceited of me. But yeah this is true.  I see and feel this everyday.

2.  You are ever patient with my mood swings.  Although this had already been stretched to its limit many times, it is renewed everytime.

3.  You work your butt out to eke out our finances.

4.  You completely trust me with our finances, even if it means tendering your hard-earned money to me.

5.  You love and care for our kids so much.

6.  You don’t smoke, drink, and gamble.

7. You always value my opinion may it be for personal or family-related decision making.

8.  You understand my insecurities, whims, and fears.

9.  You still find me sexually attractive despite the added pounds.

10.  Finally, you are handsome. (Guys, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.) LOL!



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Happy Valentine to everyone!


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