Do you have a lot of pictures but were never in any of them? (Is carrying a tripod worth the hassle)


The hassle of lugging around a heavy tripod during photography is no longer new to any photographer. Others, would even choose the heaviest and the most stable tripod especially if they will be shooting on water(ie. beach, lakes) or on windy locations.

But for a non-professional photographer who just likes to shoot some scenery with the family, is it worth the hassle of carrying a tripod?

For me… it is a big YES!!! Whether your cam is a DSLR or a point and shoot camera it is always convenient to have a tripod.

1. First reason… the photographer can join the picture taking.

Have you ever gone on a trip or celebrate an occasion where some one is always missing in the photos? and then everybody just says… “oh he was the one behind the camera” LOL!

2. It won’t be such a bother asking someone you don’t know to take the photo.

A tripod won’t be complaining if you ask it to hold and shoot the camera again.

3. A tripod has got very steady hands! ^_^ LOL!

4. You would be able to pose with out holding back or feel shy knowing that the tripod won’t really mind at all.

These are some of our family shots taken using a Benro tripod.





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10 thoughts on “Do you have a lot of pictures but were never in any of them? (Is carrying a tripod worth the hassle)

    1. thank you Colette. That’s really a nice idea. I did a collage picture for my husband, it’s only then I realized that he doesn’t have many pictures. He is always the one taking pictures of us, so now it’s difficult to even make a simple, tiny collage.

  1. Uy oo nga ano. 🙂
    We just always put the camera on a flat surface and yes, had it in timer mode. Never thought of the tripod. Feeling ko masyadong pang-class picture kasi yung tripod. Haha! But will try pag may dSLR na ako. Thanks for the tip.

  2. A big yes for me! Tripod should be with the camera bag always because we may never know that we may be needing it somehow! And yes so the photographer will be included the photo also.

  3. What a beautiful family. I wish they would come out for a device like a tripod for phones. I can not tell you how many pictures we have and I am in none of them. I always offer to take pictures for other families for that very reason. So I agree a tripod is a must!

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