Fine Dining Northern Thailand Style

I got the chance to experience fine dining Northern Thailand style at Chiangrai.  It is quite different from the kind of fine dining I know.  While western style is somewhat impersonal as tables are well spaced away from each other for privacy reasons, this style on the other hand I guess has a very personal touch.  Diners are seated side by side along very long tables which are arranged in rows occupying most of the space in the restaurant with either normal four-legged chairs or long planks where diners sit Japanese style.

Food is served like this which is good for four people.

While dining,  different folk dances are performed to keep diners entertained.

Have you got a similar dining experience?

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เขากลุกกะปิ: Kao-gloggapi

Wondering what the heck is this Kao-glogggapi?

Yup, it does sound strange and in Thai it’s quite difficult to pronounce.

This strange word is actually a name of a yummy and nutritious Thai food.  Unlike the Kao-phat-mhoo (fried rice with pork) and Kao- mhoo- thot (Rice with fried pork) , Kao- gloggapi is unpopular among foreigners.




fried rice

fried pork

fried anchovies

shredded scrambled eggs

sliced red and/or green chillies

sliced onions

fried shrimps

shredded unripe mango

shredded raw cabbage



Easy, just put all ingredients in one plate in whatever proportion depending on your appetite… voila!!

DSC00089               DSC00090



What do you think of this food?

Leave your comments and creative responses below ^_^




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