How to Create a Healthier Diet for You and Your Kids

Our health is the most important asset that we have and having a healthy and nutritious diet is the key to achieving lifelong good health. As parents, an effective diet is also important to give us the energy we need to keep pace with our children, but of course our first priority is always to our kids’ health, so it’s essential that we pay full attention to their diets as well. Cutting down on junk food and adopting healthier options can make a vast difference to how you feel and how your children feel, so let’s look at how easy it is to do.


Increase Your Fruit and Vegetable Intake

Fruit and vegetables are nature’s gift to us all, as they provide us with the essential vitamins and minerals that we need on a daily basis. Expert opinions vary on how much fruit and veg we should consume, but they all agree we should eat between five and ten portions per day. That can sound like a lot but reaching the target can bring huge benefits to your health, fitness and energy levels. If your children are reticent to eating vegetables, or anything healthy, try hiding root vegetables like swede and turnip in among other foodstuffs, or encourage them to find one or two vegetables or fruits that they really like.


Cut Down on Sugar

Many of us have a sweet tooth, and there’s no denying that cakes, chocolate and candy taste great, but they are far from great for our health. Sugar is an addictive substance, and it features heavily in almost all the readymade and processed food stuffs that you can buy. It’s also a leading cause of obesity and linked conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, so it makes sense to reduce your sugar intake as much as possible. One way to do this is to cook your meals yourself using fresh ingredients rather than turning to ready meals or take-aways. This may seem difficult at first, but your body will soon forget its sugar cravings and love its new healthier diet.


Reduce Weight Naturally

Being overweight has an adverse effect upon every aspect of your life, so if you want to lose weight you’ll have to exercise more and eat less. That’s a simplistic equation of course, and some people find that they have to turn to a diet plan to help them say goodbye to their excess pounds; in this case, they should opt for diets based upon purely natural ingredients, such as the HCG diet. You can find more information on this hormone-based diet through expert websites such as Hcgdietreview.Com and this also means that you’ll be able to find the best HCG drops and supplements at the best possible prices.

A healthy diet and lifestyle adopted in childhood is likely to remain in place throughout an adult life, and the best way to encourage your children to eat healthily is to eat healthily yourself. Wave goodbye to processed foods filled with sugar and excess fat and say hello to homemade meals full of natural ingredients such as fresh fruit and vegetables. You’ll be amazed at the transforming effect it can have on you and your family.


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“Talking Back” Is Actually A Good Thing

Do you agree?

Lately, this has been a source of stress for us. Our 6 year old has been “talking back” every time she does not get what she wants.  As parents we want our kids to grow with a great sense of individuality. We dream for them to become adults of sound values, independent, and incredulous to the trickeries of this world.  With this in heart, but confronted with this bitter reality gave us a sense of not being in control of the whole thing.  Most of the time the more we demand to be followed, the more rebellious kids become, and at the end of the day if feels like the whole situation is getting out of hand. Things get even worse when mom is a mood swinger and daughter is a drama queen. Seems like such a bleak situation.

An article from Yahoo Parenting “Kids Who Talk Back Becomes More Successful Adults”, caught my attention. The article explained that the “talking back” should be treated more of an important training ground than a nuisance. This is their way of exerting a sense of self control over their lives.  By curtailing them from reasoning out or negotiating with us, we are actually molding them to become submissive, insecure individuals who might be prone to bullying and the likes in the future.

Well, this is good, right? It means parents can still turn the table around and make things right. But I personally think that the manner of “talking back” is of utmost importance. Screaming and yelling, finger-pointing, and name calling should be avoided.  If the “talking back” is done in a manner other than these, even parents who grew up in a conservative family or in a  “talking back is plainly not possible or else” kind of family, will understand and compromise sooner or later.

Our parenting style is, often than not, a reflection of the family environment we grew up with. In the natural course of events, parents kind of naturally adopt whatever they are used to and whatever they themselves were exposed to. So, if ones family background is anything but “open, free to talk, children have a voice” environment, then to change something that is almost like a second skin is ultimately a tremendous challenge. Nevertheless, a change we need to take, right?

Do you agree?

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