Two Fun Ways to Wear Wigs: Find Out for Yourselves

Wigs are covering for the head made from either artificial or real hair. Wigs have certainly evolved in terms of use and the people who use them. From England judges and barristers of law, wigs have found their ways to the masses. Many people use them for various reasons; people in the fashion industry frequently change hairstyles like they change their clothes. They are able to do this by using wigs. We’ve seen Kim Kardashians, Kylie Jenner, and Gwen Stefanie go from long, straight, jet-black hair one day, and then to short, curly, blond hair the next day. Insane, right! But, yes, they are able re-invent themselves in a blink of an eye, by using wigs. Some use it to cover baldness, while others to give their natural hair time to rejuvenate. Aside from these, there are other fun ways to wear wigs. They’re no longer just for the famous. And one doesn’t need to have a reason to justify wearing a wig. Nowadays, whenever people feel it, they wear it. Below are two fun ways to wear wigs.

Some Fun Ways to Wear Wigs

  1. Parades. Institutions and organizations hold annual parades whether to mark a special event, or a part of a holiday tradition, or for everyone to see a special person. During these time, people going in the parade would surely want to glam up. They would want to show their best self to the onlookers. In Thailand, this is a sure thing. Paraders always look their best. They get up so early in the morning to get their make up done and their hair styled. Most often than not, wigs are used to get that updo hairstyle, that curly hair, that human hair weave, or human hair weave bundles with closure. Adults and children alike look forward to special events because they love glamming up. Moms who are into wigs have so many to choose from. There are even human hair wigs for black women.
paraders- some fun ways to wear wigs
Sports Week Parade
paraders in pink costume - some fun ways to wear wigs
Sports Week Parade
beauty contestant- some fun ways to wear wigs
University Night

2. Cosplays. Cosplay is a thing of today. With the popularity of Japanese anime comes cosplay, and it has rocked the entire world. Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime. Here dressing up is a totally new, whole different level. It doesn’t detail the costume alone, but with it comes the make up, the props, and of course the hairstyle. Cosplayers, most of the time, use wigs to achieve the look.

Photo Credit: The Mainichi

For some, wigs are a necessity while others for fun. Whatever the case may be, wigs are part of today’s world and will be for a long time.

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Mom on a budget

Parents on a Budget Ideas: Check Out This List

Mom on a budget

I’m not offering solutions on spreadsheets or ultimate budgeting tips to solve your financial woes. Here, I’m simply sharing ideas that I have done and those that I’m planning to do as I tackle the every day strain of running a household on a budget.

Some of these are original ideas, others are taken from other parents which I have adapted and modified to suit my family’s needs. As you look into the list, feel free to choose the ones that fit your needs and adjust or improve it accordingly. And also don’t forget to comment below the changes that you have made or will be making, so that other parents could also learn from them too.

For most of us who are outside the rich and super-rich circle, budgeting is a familiar thing; parents on a budget is normal. According to Cambridge dictionary, budgeting is the process of calculating how much money you must earn or save during a particular period of time, and of planning how you will spend it. And parents as one of the most resourceful and creative people on the planet, always come up with ways and means to have ends meet. I guess the situations parents have to face on the daily basis necessitate the need to be resourceful and creative.

Without further ado, here are the list.

Save on energy, save lights. Nowadays, we are slowly branching out to vlogging and creating Youtube videos. And as you very well know good lighting is essential to have a clear, sharp, and color-rich video. So for vloggers and Youtubers, video lighting is a must. However as we’re on the budget side at the time being, well, there’s no better light source than the sun, right? So what we actually use is light from a lampshade to give the face extra illumination, and then a lot of sunlight. We’re lucky in a sense that one entire wall of our house that leads to the balcony is glass-walled, so it is totally a great, free source of light.

Natural health supplement. Health is super important, and getting sick can be so hard on the budget especially if your paying the hospital straight out of your own pocket. Giving children health supplements would certainly boost their immune system. However personally, I would go for something affordable, natural and organic, nothing synthetic. Moringa plant is a proven and tested super food with loads of health benefits which are reasons I include Moringa in my children’s diet. So we made our own Moringa powder and thought of creative ways to feed Moringa to my children.

Grow your own garden. Food takes quite a chunk of our budget especially that we love to eat. If you live in the country or has a big space that you could convert into a garden, then you are lucky. However even those of us in the urban area, we could have a garden in the city if we want to. Having our own source of food is not only healthy it is also liberating on the budget. I grow Moringa, malabar nightshade, aloe vera, lemongrass, bitter melon, and planning of growing mung beans, bougainvillea and santan flowers. I have been trying to grow onions, tomatoes, and cabbage but to no avail.

Be creative with snacks. My family is big on snacks and DIY no-churn ice cream. Instead of always buying (of course we do at times) crisp and other junkies in grocers, I recycle food leftovers. If I have leftover chicken and veggies, I make these into veggy nuggets or I make our own fruitshakes.

Toys for Mommies. If there are toys for the big boys, kitchen appliance are definitely toys for Mommies. For budget Moms like me, buying kitchen appliance can be heavy on the budget, and could be a hindrance from procurring one. For a very long time, I dreamt of having my own oven, but the real one is just way beyond my financial capacity. Thankfully though there are affordable alternatives, and that’s what I’ve got, an electric oven. It is not as powerful but it does the work just fine. And since we love cold beverages, and fruitshakes are healthier choices, I bought an affordable blender. It’s defintely on a budget new toy.

Budget bloggers assistants. Blogging is a great way to augment family income but it does not come for free. There are things that we need to spend money on to have a successful blog. Aside from yearly payment for domain and hosting, there are a number of other important essentials, and I listed 5 must haves for mom on a budget bloggers. Have you got other affordable must haves for blogging?

Travel on a budget. Part of parenting is to educate children, and traveling is a great way to teach them with a whole lot of things. Traveling need not be expensive. There are plenty of beautiful places to go to that are free of admission including temples and museums which are awesome places to explore and experience, and other kid-friendly, family drive routes which are public and admission free like parks, beaches, and zoos.

Inexpensive Outdoor Activities for Children. Another yet important parenting responsibility is to engage children in extracurricular activities. For children, physical activities and plays are essential factors especially during a child’s formative years. Creative parents know just where to go or what to do to have those muscles flexed or those imagination fired up, and empower kids without so much of a cost.

DIY whenever you can. I’m not so gifted with craftiness but wherever I could save I can always find a way, for example make your own gift wraps, christmas gifts on a budget, home-made playdough.

  • Old calendars for something educational. Every year we change calendar. Some calendars are made from really nice durable paper, and so instead of throwing them away why not re-used or recycle them into something really useful. During this time, my son who was a toddler was already showing readiness for reading. So instead of buying alphabet flashcards, I made my own, and save on a few bucks. Check them out. Aside from flashcards, we can re-used old calendars into picture frames, paper dolls, doll house, or any school projects that call for it.
  • Old School Socks Rag Rug. I have plenty of school socks rag. And because I don’t want to spend money on new rugs which sometimes costs more than $3, I made these socks rags into rugs. There are other ways, according to Amanda over at the Glorious Grape, she used mismatched socks to make chew toys for her dogs. And Chubskulit Rose use old socks to clean furniture. Old socks can also be used as stuffing for throw pillows and the likes.

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list of must have for bloggers

5 Must Haves for Mom on a Budget Bloggers

Juggling a full-time job and a family life is huge, and with blogging on the side, how huge do you think it could get. There are times when things get so overwhelmingly hectic that a momentary hiatus from blogging is a welcome breather. That’s right, just surface out for a bit of air before diving right in again. This gives me the needed time to relax for a little while and organize my thoughts on just about anything.

With tons of mom-work to do, office works to finish,  and blog posts to write, I’m just so grateful that there are a few great things that are actually making my life as a mom blogger easier. Whats more is that these are all affordable, and if you are super tight on the budget, some of these have free versions which are already more than good enough. Mom on a budget like me couldn’t be for more happy and grateful.

Here are some of the things that are definitely useful for mom on a budget blogger like me.

  1. Adobe Lightroom CC. Photography enthusiasts, food and travel bloggers are probably familiar with lightroom.  It is an photo editing software that could be downloaded from the internet to a PC. My husband has got this as he is into photography. He loves it! It’s easy to use and very intuitive. I, on the other hand, do not have the patience to study the intricacies no matter how easy it is. However, I also  do not like presets. What I was looking for was an editing tool that is simple, handy, and gives quality results. And yaas! I found it, the Adobe Lightroom CC. I stumble upon it while looking for an photo editing tool at the App Store. It is super simple, the terms used are easy to understand. No need for an in depth study. And because it is a mobile app, I could edit my photos anywhere, anytime, both online and offline. I could work on my photos while waiting for my kids, or in between breaks in the office.
  • Adobe Spark Post. If you are looking for graphic designs and photo collages, yet got no time to sit in front of your PC or laptop; this is the app for you. It is a mobile app that allows you to create unique, personalized graphics for your blog, social media, and other businesses anytime, anywhere. It has hundreds of different, attractive, and beautifully designed templates to choose from, and each and every one of these templates can be personalized to your liking. I have several blog posts that I could not find an appropriate photo to go with, so I always turn to Adobe Spark Post for the needed idea. For example, Diverse Outdoor Activities for Children is a list type post; I have got photos for each activity but I needed one graphic or photo to show at the beginning of the post.
  • mitchryan's blog
    created using Adobe Spark Post
  • PowerDirector is a video editing app for mobile phones. What I have is a free version, nevertheless, it does what it is made to do and it does it well. It has the usual features of video editing app and more.  Splitting or cutting video clips is what I like about it,  simply because this is often unavailable in most free video editors I have came across so far.  And with so much fuss about  copywrite infringement in Youtube,  I’m glad PowerDirector has its own line of music that are free and Youtube ready.
  • A smartphone is a blogger’s bestfriend! Phones have indeed become smart. Its functionality has exceeded far beyond its predecessors. Nowadays aside from voice call, smartphones are capable of video conferencing and more: blog, vlog, edit photos and videos, engage in social media, pay bills, research; the list is limitless.
  • DesignCap is an online poster and flyer maker.  The poster I’m using for this post was made using DesignCap.  Lovely,  isn’t it?  There are plenty of templates to choose from.  I designed this poster in my laptop,  so it is easier to manuever in,  out,  and around the work space.  Personally I would prefer to save my photo in my computer before sharing it in social media. DesignCap allows you to do this which I am so glad for. Also,  you could design your business posters or flyers straight away without creating an account though it would be great to have one so you could manage them better. And most importantly, it’s free!
  • Here are some of its  features.

    • Hundreds of poster and flyer templates available 
    • Thousands of resources including clipart images, shapes, fonts, and backgrounds
    • Fully customizable that you can make your own unique poster and flyer
    • Convenient and quick: no download or registration required

    Being busy and on a tight budget are not that bad after all,  thanks to these absolutely awesome blogging help, and other blogging hacks to increase traffic.

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    homemade avocado ice cream

    Mom on a Budget Strikes Again: Four-Ingredient No-Churn Avocado Moringa Powder Ice Cream

    Avocado Moringa Powder Ice Cream

    We are a family of ice cream monsters. Yes all of us! We simply love ice cream. On special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and the Yuletide season, ice cream is a mainstay. An occasion would not be complete without ice cream.

    Although commercial ice cream is affordable and can be easily bought from almost all supermarkets and convenience stores, I still want to try my hands on it. Anyways, it is possible nowadays to do it at home without any fancy machine. And of course there are hundreds of recipes available online, thanks to so many foodie bloggers out there.

    I surfed the internet for a recipe that fits my finances. I found just what I need from Kirbie’s Cravings; her recipe only has three ingredients (avocado, condensed milk, and heavy cream). However, heavy cream on this part of the world is a luxury; it is so damn expensive! Since I’m a mom on a budget, I used evaporated milk together with the condensed milk instead of heavy cream. And I gave it a bit of a personal touch by putting in Moringa powder which my children did themselves. This is one creative way to feed Moringa to your child.

    So here it is.

    Avocado Moringa Powder Ice Cream


    1 big avocado (mango)

    1 can condensed milk

    1 can evaporated milk

    Moringa powder (quantity depends on your preference)


    In a blender, add avocado, condensed milk, evaporated milk, and Moringa powder. Then hit that button.

    Make sure everything is well blended. Freeze until solid, but give it a stir every now and then to prevent it from crystallizing. If you forget, it’s fine as long as it is well blended, it will still turn out delicioso!

    Are you a big ice cream fan? Do you have any easy ice cream recipe I could try?

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    moringa leaves

    Reasons I include Moringa in My Children’s Diet: You Should too.

    To be healthy need not be expensive.

    Growing up, I never had vitamin supplements or power drinks like Milo or Ovaltine. Bragging aside,  my siblings and I were healthy and never frequent the doctor while growing up.  We ate healthy – a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially Moringa!

    Moringa Oleifera Leaves which have been removed from their stalks by my children. The process is so easy that my 6 year old could even do it. These here are ready for drying.


    Moringa Oleifera is a tropical tree that’s  abundant in Asian countries like the Philippines,  Thailand,  Malaysia,  and India.  Moringa is so packed with health benefits,  it is called by many  as super food. What’s good is, it can be made into powder. It is so easy even kids can make Moringa powder themselves.

    Having experienced it and up until now I am still reaping the health benefits of Moringa,  I would certainly without a doubt include it in my kids diet.  For those who are unfamiliar with Moringa but have been hearing good stuff about it,  and who would love to know more; here are some reasons why I include Moringa in my children’s diet.

    1. Combat the effect of too much screen time.

    Screen time is giving kid’s eyes nowadays so much strain.  It is affecting their vision.  A healthy amount of Vitamin A is definitely needed.  Moringa is an excellent source of Vitamin A.

    2. I’m not short. My height is just cute!

    Your child may be dreaming of one day becoming a basketball player or a supermodel, help them attain this.  As growing kids,  they need hefty amount of protein to build and repair body tissues.  With only just a cup of Moringa leaves, your child gets 2 grams of protein. Isn’t that great?

    3. Can’t drink milk. Worry not!

    For lactose intolerant kids,  Moringa is one great source of Calcium as it has 4 times more than what is found in milk. And because there is a case of scoliosis in my side of the family, all the more my kids need this to have strong bones. You could just discreetly add Moringa to fruitshakes, other dishes like fried eggs with veggies and veggy nuggets, and may be to Jellies.

    4. Keep the Doctor away with Moringa

    Children and toddlers are prone to common colds and other illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses,  Moringa boosts your kids immunity like no other.  It has 7 times more Vitamin C than oranges,  rich in antioxidant,  and reduces inflammation.

    5. The body’s Lego

    The only vegetable that contains  9 essential amino acids that the body needs but could not synthsize on it own such as histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine. These are essentials in the overall development and bodily functions in cellular level. These amino acids are building blocks, somewhat similar to Legos, behind the normal functions of our cells, muscles, and other tissues.

    Aside from these,  Moringa is also rich in potassium,  magnesium,  Vitamin B6 and B2, and Iron. It also has loads of digestive fibers to aid your child’s digestion.

    Your child could eat Moringa leaves as an ingredient in soup,  or in powder form which you could add to a variety of food, drinks, or smoothies. There are so many creative ways to feed children with Moringa.

    To be healthy need not be expensive.  Moringa is the most affordable super food there is.  In fact,  in Asian countries you could just ask for this from a friend or a neighbor for FREE.  However Moringa does not grow well in cold places,  what’s good though is that it is available in powder form and can be bought online.

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    Portable Cordless Sewing Machine: Should Make Sewing Easy

    Sharing is Caring 

    5 Amazing Changes to Your Living Room

    Living room is the center of homeowners’ universe. It is the place where we spend most time and engage in conversation with our loved ones. Given this special purpose (both functional and emotional) it is the part of our home that matter the most.
    Although people spend most of their life in this small room, they tend to neglect it awfully lot. Sometimes, you can see that interior design hasn’t been changed for decades and there is no indication it will be in near future.
    Homeowners do not like addressing their living room as they often think that the costs will be too high. This isn’t always true. Sometimes, you can accomplish a lot with just a small investment. Let’s see what the best ways to do it are.

    1. Adding a few mirrors
    Mirror can do a lot for your space.
    Due to its specific form and the fact they reflect things; you can accomplish various effects with them. In fact, mirrors are a cheap alternative to expensive paintings. Instead of decorating your whole walls with lots of paintings you can accomplish almost the same effect with one larger mirror.
    Hollywood mirrors are especially neat. Besides the mirror itself, they come with lots of light bulbs that can deepen the experience for the viewer. You can start your mirror search by visiting HollywoodMirrors.co.uk where you will find a decent collection of illuminated mirrors for your home.

    2.  Go for intricate wall paintings
    Again, instead of getting paintings, you can paint a picture on the wall.
    This form of art is really modern and artsy and it can be a good substitution to anything else you would’ve put on wall otherwise. It is something that sticks with a viewer and completely solves your problem.
    However, do not do this yourself. It is much better if you get a proficient person to do the job. In the end, you wouldn’t like to repaint your walls again, wouldn’t you?

    3.  Switching up things a bit
    The oldest trick in the book is switching up your furniture. It might not be the best option and you can accomplish much more by simply purchasing a new set of items but it is by far the cheapest option at your disposal.
    You should always try and reposition your stuff so that the room feels more homey. Try creating an oval shape with your sofas and chairs. This way, when your guests arrive, they will all be placed in a circle instead of rectangle. It is a small trick that most people neglect. However, it will have such a mental impact on your guests that they will feel as if you completely changed the whole room.

    4.  Remove obstructive things from your windows
    Here is a similar trick as the one with furniture.
    You are not actually changing anything; instead you are simply removing excess things.
    Most living rooms are exposed to the sunlight. There are likely windows or glass doors on one side of the room. Unfortunately, homeowners tend to ruin the atmosphere by adding curtains, putting plants near the windows or obstructing the view in some other way.
    Natural light is great for your eyes and your psyche. Even if the light may seem overbearing at times, it definitely helps more than it makes the issue. So, make sure to introduce more of it.

    5.  Buy new trinkets, refresh your photos
    Everybody has small trinkets, items and photos in their living room. Although they may be important for us or remind us of something, think about changing them once in a while. If a photo is significant for you, you can simply relocate it to bedroom or some other area of your house. However, this swap as small as it may be is really significant for your living room décor.

    These are certainly great ideas that work very well for living rooms.  What for other parts of the house, for instance the bathroom?

    Preloved Items for Babies and Toddlers

    I remember feeling so happy about a new something given to me by an older cousin.  I realized later that those were preloved. I thought at that time that it was a practice peculiar to my family only. I come to know much later that it is a universal thing.
    Hand me downs are practical way of dressing babies and toddlers.  For one,  kids these ages grow so fast, so apparels are worn only for a few times. And also,  this saves parents a few bucks for more important things which should be bought new and unused.
    Preloved items for babies and toddlers include.
    1. Shirts, dresses, shorts,  and pants
    2. Baby blankets. If you’re planning of using cloth diapers then buy these new.
    3. Some baby toys
    4. Baby bags and accessories
    5. Baby crib, walker,  tub

    Things that parents shouldn’t buy second hand.
    1. Undies
    2. Towels
    3. Stuff toys especially if your family has a history of asthma.
    4. Socks, shoes, baby bib and mittens

    Has this been a thing practiced in your family?

    I’ll Return Back Your LOVE



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    Cavity-Free Family

    What Happens When Mood Swinger Mom Meets Drama Queen Daughter?

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    Smartphone: Jumping on the Bandwagon on a Budget

    It has been 7 years since I bought myself a decent phone.

    The last decent phone I had was the Nokia N-72. After the robbery incident in our home, in which my beloved phone sadly got included, I never got myself to buy another phone in that price range and that time the Nokia N72 was around 200USD here in Thailand. And so I bought myself a call and text phone (Nokia 107) and said to myself it’s all I need.

    Fast forward to the present, I was persuaded by my husband to get a new phone and keep myself abreast with the present times and also my longtime friend and companion, my trusty Nokia 107, was showing signs of conking out. As we went window shopping I was astounded by the sheer volume of choices. You got Samsung neck and neck with Apple. You got LG, Huwawei, Sony, Nokia, Oppo, and another Chinese manufacturer which I can’t remember the name. I was having difficulty choosing which one to get for myself. So I kept on calling off my purchase date.

    To help me with my purchase my hubby asked me a few questions to eliminate some of the selections and narrow down the candidates.

    1. How much are you willing to shell out?

    2. What do you really intend it for?

    3. Any particular designs, color, or quirks you like or hate?

    Well, one thing is for sure, I do not want to shell out more than 300USD just for a phone. I need a phone that is big enough for me to check on my blog, Facebook, e-mails and whatnot,  without straining my eyes. It also should take very good photos (check them out here) without me trying so hard at it. LOL! A smartphone is certainly a must have for mom blogger on a budget like me.  With my budget I have ruled out any kind of i-Phone but I really do love how it looks and of course its quality. The Samsung J7 was our first candidate as it met all of the desired specifications. But after reading the online reviews giving us tons of negative feedback, we backed track a whole lot. After checking it out for ourselves it proved to be true. So we moved on to the next candidate, the “Oppo F1s” I have never used an Oppo phone before but I have heard that it is quite popular amongst the teenagers here in Thailand. They said if you can’t afford the i-Phone get an Oppo.

    Now, I am a very skeptical person especially with brand names. I always ask or research about it until I am satisfied with all the information and give me an emphatic sound reassurance. Reading its users review at a very popular phone website gave us mostly positive reviews and opinions. So we checked it out and Lo and Behold. The feel of the Oppo is more premium than what you’d expect from a relatively inexpensive phone. With its metal body it gives you that heft of reassurance in your hand. It’s wide screen gives out crisp and clear images with rich colors. So there… We have narrowed down the specifications I have in mind. A phone within the 300USD price range, big enough to avoid any eye strain, takes good photos, and with the dashing looks of an i-Phone.

    What things have you done or acquired recently to jump in the bandwagon?

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    Save On Your Next Print With Groupon Coupons


    With Christmas vacation just around the corner, my whole family is kicking with excitement and anticipation. My kids just couldn’t wait for school to finish and so we can get on with our vacation plans. With an almost whole-year round hectic schedule, this is certainly something we all look forward to.
    We are a family of photography enthusiasts, needless to say the first thing we packed were our photography equipment. Our living room walls unlike other families’ are decorated with big prints of family portraits and other treasured shots from previous getaways and travels. We love looking at them as they bring back happy, loving memories of the past. Aside from this, we still have tons of photo files stored in our laptop which I’d really love to print in a family photo album.

    Being a Groupon Coupon member is certainly a blessing because there are plenty of affiliated brands, and one of them is Shutterfly.  Shutterfly is a great place to have photos printed from any preferred designs like family photo albums, to collage prints, and framed prints name it, they have it.

    There are truly many ways to save money like getting discounts, buying on sale items, and using coupons.

    And oh, Easy Canvas Prints is also with them. I been wanting to print in canvas some very nice photos taken from our vacation last year but it’s been put up on hold. This time I could have our most treasured photos printed right away. They’ve got as big as 80% off on canvas prints, easy canvas prints coupons, codes, promos, and sales.  Here’s more, shipping is FREE.

    I’m so glad I joined Groupon Coupons (FREE membership). There are simply countless brands to choose from, and many of these brands are my all-time favorites.

    Check out Groupon Coupons. You’d be surprise too.

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    Goupon Goods For Christmas Gift Ideas

    Ideas For A Small Bathroom
    Ideas For A Small Bathroom

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    Groupon Goods For Christmas Gift Ideas

    With the Christmas season fast approaching, my family is preparing our gifts and boy my kids’ list alone is long. This surely will run havoc on my budget.  I’m lucky and grateful though I’ve come across groupon goods.  I’ve just recently open my own account and enjoying myself browsing through groupon goods.  They have got everything my family needs for gifts this season.

    I can’t contain myself with excitement.  Christmas shopping for us this year is going to be easy breezy plus, there are seriously wide selections of on sale products to choose from.  They’ve got things for her, for him, for the kids, for the pets, and everything else in between.  Really! I was surprised at the many selections.


    These eco-friendly girls’ watches really caught my attention.  My daughter has been asking for an analog wrist watch (Oh yes ANALOG!), and she’s all the more persistent lately since she already knows how to tell time. Whenever we go out, we never forget to look around for kids’ watches however my husband and I just couldn’t seem to decide on any of the choices. But when I saw these in groupon I was like “Oh my this is it!”.  She’ll be thrilled.

    Go check them out today.

    I’ll Return Back Your LOVE



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