Shout out!

Shout out to 2 good people who helped me out in my time of need. Char! hehehe… THANK YOU SO MUCH! ARIGATOU GOSAIMASU! MUCHOS GRACIAS! KHAUP KHUN MAK Krhup! to Mai Mai and to her lovidoo Martin! for baby-sitting my soon to be one year old baboy este… baby boy Derick. With out them my extra classes would have been in shambles!!! LOL!


Barely holding!!!

9 more days to go before Mitch and my badly missed daughter Summer comes back here in Thailand

I feel like crying…

I feel super exhausted from waking up  too early, going to work (ma LATE pa gyud grrrrr), going to my extra classes then going home to a smiling baby… err…  this is my son Derick. He will turn one this Dec. 22



was I saying something? uhm…


What about?


Sleeping time!

pugay kamay ni… manghugas ug sterilize pa man diay ko ug botelya ni Derick… haaaaayst!


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