Bond In The Beach

There is nothing like family time on the beach.

The beach is one of the all-time favorites for family bonding.  It is a place where kids can be free. They can build their sand castles, run, scream their lungs out without the fear of disturbing others.  It is a place where Moms and Dads unwind and momentarily forget all about work-related stress. It is an inexpensive, heaven-sent place for the family.

But whatever beach activities the family has delineated, there are important essentials that should not be forgotten. First is wearing comfortable beach attire, swimming trunks and bathing suits, or plus size bathing suits for big mommas. Second is protection from the harmful effects of the sun, bring sunglasses and sunblock lotion. Finally, beach shovels and toys for the kids. Protection and comfort are just as important as having fun during family time.




Go out and have fun in the sun.




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Our Family’s Precious Weekend 

Shout out!

Shout out to 2 good people who helped me out in my time of need. Char! hehehe… THANK YOU SO MUCH! ARIGATOU GOSAIMASU! MUCHOS GRACIAS! KHAUP KHUN MAK Krhup! to Mai Mai and to her lovidoo Martin! for baby-sitting my soon to be one year old baboy este… baby boy Derick. With out them my extra classes would have been in shambles!!! LOL!


Barely holding!!!

9 more days to go before Mitch and my badly missed daughter Summer comes back here in Thailand

I feel like crying…

I feel super exhausted from waking up  too early, going to work (ma LATE pa gyud grrrrr), going to my extra classes then going home to a smiling baby… err…  this is my son Derick. He will turn one this Dec. 22



was I saying something? uhm…


What about?


Sleeping time!

pugay kamay ni… manghugas ug sterilize pa man diay ko ug botelya ni Derick… haaaaayst!


Car Wash Girl

When Summer was young, my husband was wondering when  she’s  going to help him wash the car.  He wanted it to be like a family event.  It is not an easy task.  It is tedious. So the more helping hands the better.  It is also a good venue to bond together as a family and teach my daughter the value of cleanliness.  More importantly, teach her how to save money.  Here, a good car wash is really expensive.  It ranges from 350 to 1,500 baht depending on whatever premiums you want to get.  Even if we have it washed for only twice a week, that is already 600 to 3,000 baht off the budget.  We would rather use it to buy food and/or spend it on gas, and drive around, which we LOVE to do.

So instead of going to the car wash, here is Summer, helping her Papa wash the car.  She loves it.  Her task is to wash the soap off by spraying water.  She likes it.  She likes even more when she gets soaked.  I don’t know the explanation behind kids liking to get soaked.  When I was young I do my own laundry, I like it when my entire arms are soaked in soap and water (we did not have a washing machine then).

For me kids, even at an early age, should be given responsibilities.  Ones that they are capable of doing of course.  Otherwise, instead of inculcating the value of  being responsible she will grow up just the opposite because she can not do the task and ends up frustrated. This way she will feel good about herself for accomplishing something.  This will be able to practice her ability to make decisions. This will also develop her psychomotor skills.

Generally, this is a very good learning experience for Summer.

Can you  suggest of other responsibilities kids like Summer can handle?  Just leave your ideas below.

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Songkla Zoo Photo Contest

The Songkla Zoo Photo Contest is going to finish on October 3, 2012. The announcement of the winner of up to 70,000.00 baht worth of cash and goods will be posted on their bulletin boards in the zoo and on their website  What is so amazing about this is that, it is open even to expatriates like us.  This competition is very timely as my husband is into photography, a hobby he started two years ago, and the kids would love to see the animals.  The contest has 3 categories – Animals Portrait, Happy Zoo, and Waterworld.  He has 10 entries all in all for the first two categories. But sadly he does not have an entry for the Waterworld because shooting it during broad daylight needs an ND filter which he does not have. Which is also not available here and is also kinda expensive. (my husband is a budget photographer. Check out his review of his budget lenses click here)

The decision to join the contest was unanimous.  We saw this as an opportunity to pai tiaw (go around) and spend time together and to practice photography.  We love going to the zoo.  We particularly enjoy feeding the the birds, elephants, and giraffes because you can really get up close with them.  This is also a very good activity to instill in our kids the love and respect for animals and the environment.

There is one particular shot that I find very charming.  I gave the title to this picture myself.  Below is the picture of Nancy, a female Orangutan.  Check out Nancy’s photo, “The Nancy Pose”.

What do you think? Which do you like best?  Let me know…




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Summer is kinaesthetic

Summer is a kinaesthetic learner.  This kind of learner understands concepts by doing.  They are able to follow instructions properly through demonstration and actual hands-on.  It is very difficult for them to assimilate informations by just listening. As a result, their attention span is short. They get bored immediately, and are always in the move to do this and that.

As early as five months, Summer held her milk bottle on her own. She used a spoon when eating baby food, without the awkwardness of a first timer.  At the age of one, she could insert the car key into the key hole without any problem.  Shortly after that she could turn on the motorbike on her own.  She takes photos of us and things around the house using our Olympus SW 790 camera.

Now, she is three and already goes to school.  She likes to write and color.  So I thought buying her some paints and drawing papers would be a wonderful idea.  Indeed, it was.  She loves it.  She likes mixing the colors, cleaning the brushes, and does not mind having paints on her skin.

I am just thinking that maybe when Benjamin Franklin made this quote “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”, he had the kinaesthetic learners in mind.

Is your kid kinaesthetic like Summer? What are the activities he/she likes doing? Do share…

Here are pictures of Summer painting.



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