Music is Life.

Music is certainly a part of life. It may take you to a whole new level in terms of finances and popularity or it may just be a thing you listen to everyday for inspiration, strength, or encouragement. But no matter what the reason is, music is a great influence in so many different ways.

For many years now The Voice is the biggest platform there is for artists and watching it is both entertaining and inspiring. Listening to contestants give his/her own rendition of a famous song and nailing it is so amazing.  As one continues watching,  you’d find yourself anticipating the next performance,  looking forward to a new style and new type of voice.  Aside from these,  contestants have their own distinct musical journey that anyone could relate to or get encouragement from. Another thing that is so amazing is knowing that these artists have such great passion for their craft,  touring from place to place sharing themselves and their music to everyone else. Once on tour everything must be prepared, the costumes, make up,  props and most especially the instruments. Tour managers must know the where-to go places like guitar center dallas in case the need arises.  Anyway speaking of tour,  several of The Voice artists winners and non-winners alike have been busy touring all over America. Now this is certainly inspiring.

In what way has music been a great influence to you?

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6 thoughts on “Music is Life.

  1. Music is life, I agree with you on this point. A couple years ago, my husband and I pumed into each other when he was playing guitar for a band in the local coffee shop and I went on stage to sing a song ramdomly. So, music is something to us! 😉

    1. We’ve got a similar experience as you rhis happened when my husband and I were still in the university except that I didn’t sing, not that I don’t like singing, I do but it’s better that I do the singing at home ^_^.

  2. My God, finnally I can access your website without Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error. I love to read your posts. They gave me a clear view about family life in Thailand, thank you for sharing.
    Let’s talk about music, I’m not a good singer, so I don’t intend to compete any musical competition. I just listen to music frequently, when I’m happy, when I’m stressed, or anytime I prefer. Songs are part of my life. I don’t know how I will live if there is no music at all.

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