I’m A Huge Karaoke Person

karaoke mixer

I’m not going to deny that I enjoy a good four or five hour karaoke session.  But who doesn’t? – Ken Marino

Karaoke has become an integral part of our stress relief program. Singing songs, though we could hardly sing, makes us feel relaxed. It eases our minds from all the work related stresses we have. Whenever we have the time we always make it a point to go to our favorite Karaoke bar. We never thought to be stuck with just one Karaoke bar since they are all the same right? Wrong! We were dead wrong when we tried out an out of town Karaoke bar in one of our business trips. We sounded just horrible. Not that we sound like pros but there surely was something wrong with it. We tried figuring out what was wrong. Microphones are of good quality, the music machine seems to be working just fine but there surely was something amiss. So we went home with the wanting to know what makes our favorite Karaoke bar tick. Then we went back to our favorite Karaoke bar with the mission of knowing what makes it a lot better than the other Karaoke bars we have tried. Then we found out about the numark kmx02 Having a Karaoke mixer makes singing a better experience since everything is under control. From microphone volume to music volume to music transition everything is under your control. Our favorite Karaoke bar is the best.


Are you a karaoke kind of person?

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