Is exercising at home really as good as going to the gym?


The place of exercise, may contribute to the success of attaining ones goal of getting and staying fit, but the greatest chunk depends entirely on ones consistency. It is the most important key.  Exercise physiologists say, sure, exercise at home have their own disadvantages and distractions but consistent exercise at home or the absence of it is the same story as going to the gym.

Home exercise equipment has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years, which is a good thing.  Global economic and societal changes have greatly affected how families manage and set priorities.  There have been huge, steady, upward trend in stay-at-home-moms (SAHM), working-at-home-moms (WAHM), even working-at-home-dads (WAHD), and individuals holding 2 to 3 jobs to make ends meet.  Whichever the case maybe, these are individuals who do not either have the luxury of time or money to hit the gym or join a health club.  Exercising at home is the most ideal way of getting and staying fit for it is as integral to ones life as eating and sleeping.  As mentioned earlier, exercising at home has its own disadvantages and distractions, but there are ways around it and even make it fun and worth looking forward to.

Convert a room, a corner of the house, a patio, or even a veranda into a mini gym.  It does not take much effort and money to do this.  Inexpensive exercise equipment such as fit balls, push-up bars, dumbbells, and exercise bands are accessible in stores.  Even prices of treadmills are at a discount at both physical and online stores.

Schedule your exercise at your most convenient time.  Following a rigid exercise timetable is not the be-all and end-all.  It is not something to fret and discouraged about.  If something comes up, re-schedule it at an immediate time. Remember the key is consistency.  For moms, having to exercise at a scheduled time every single day is a luxury.  What can be done is to grab every opportunity one has in a day to do some exercise.

Be encouraged and be pushed to exercise and to exercise some more by listening to upbeat music.  Most often than not, upbeat music starts me up and keeps me going.  Some upbeat music that you could include in your playlist – Move like Jagger (Maroon 5), Single ladies and Girls Run the World (Beyonce), Super Bass (Nicki Minaj), Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson), and Shake It Off (Taylor Swift).

Last but definitely not the least, having the right attitude is essential.  Even though buying ourselves new exercise wardrobe or a new pair of running shoes somehow encourages us to exercise, these after all are extrinsic motivations. What’s needed to keep the fire burning is intrinsic motivation that pushes one to go on and on until a goal is achieved, and to continue to go on to keep that goal. Changing ones mindset is a good start. Write down your goal, make a diagram of your progress, or if you aim for a fit and shapely body, post a photo of it on your gym wall.  Keep thinking of this goal just like how much time you spend thinking of what to prepare for every family meal.

Remember, the key is consistency. Happy exercising at home.

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