Kids and Mathematics

Most people find Mathematics a difficult subject and irrelevant to everyday life.

I remember a friend of mine saying “What in the world do I need X and Y for? Why do I have to burn the midnight oil studying sine, cosine, and tangent? Am I going to use XY to buy something in the market, or tell the driver I am going to angle of depression ABC?

I also had a love hate relationship with Mathematics, those love moments were when my teachers made it look and feel easy for me  which  is what I want my kids to feel about Mathematics.  I am a Biology teacher, helping my daughter with Mathematics is difficult for me. I run out of strategies or the strategies I know do not work well with Mathematics.

In this post, I would like to  ask for help from you.  Please share your ideas, strategies, Math websites, and other methods.  I will organise all the ideas from here into another post so that other parents may benefit as well.

By the way, my daughter is a kinesthetic learner I would appreciate if you could include strategies for this kind of learner.

Let’s help our kids from this…




To this….


happy math


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50 thoughts on “Kids and Mathematics

  1. My favorite subject is math. : ) Continue to study it and learn to love it. It will help you in our future I tell you. In work, personal stuffs and all. Earn it the hard way by studying and rip its benefits in the end.

  2. Well math is also not one of my favorite subjects. Although I realize the importance of making children learn math as this will be useful even later in life.

  3. To improve in Math, I suggest your kid to enroll in Kumon. They have tutoring services that are guaranteed for students to have fast computing abilities.

  4. Wow, it’s a great thing that you know what type of learner your kid is. And with that, I think you should focus on play learning… But really, math drives me crazy, too, so I can’t really give you any specific tip on how to help your daughter. Good luck, man!

  5. This is very nice, introducing Math at a very young age is really the perfect way to make our children not only genius at Math itself but also letting them know that learning must not be a hard way.

      1. actually I am not fond of Math the subject literally and I just enjoyed it when I got into college, i think your kids will enjoy learning math and faster if the teacher is likeable and also has a good strategy – math needs a slow and sure process before getting onto next level.

  6. I can’t directly give advice since I don’t have kids yet ;( But I think incorporating math in everyday activities would be a great idea! Maybe let them help measure ingredients in the kitchen. It works with my nephews.

  7. I too have had a stressful relationship with math.Little did I know that It wasn’t my fault that I struggled with it. I was assessed with dyscalculia. I enrolled my daughter in a math enrichment program. Its a 100% commitment as we do it 12 months of the year. My daughter get the summer off from this.

  8. I don’t hate math but at times, it’s needed for our course so I have to bear the pain that it delivers to my brain.

    Advise: Enroll your child that has math subject as their specialty. That way, it could help your kid appreciate more about math. 🙂

    1. Thank you, but I am looking for a creative alternative. Enrolling in a special Maths class is very conventional. Do you know of some techniques we could use at home?

  9. I agree! I studied math just for the sake of the grades and forgot about all those formulas after the class year haha. Im also worried about my son as he will be enrolling this school year already, good thing though my dad and husband are math whiz 🙂 i remeber my dad buying all those educational computer games which made learning math fun and easy when I was in elementary. Maybe you could try that too 🙂

  10. I’m so bad at math, and so I’m glad that my son seems to really get it. So far, we’ve not had that much of a problem with school. I tend to stick with whatever handouts are given by his teachers, though. I also enrolled him in a Galileo Math Class when he was younger, which might explain why he understands the subject pretty well now.

  11. I once taught my nephew multiplication through his matchbox cars. He understood it a little faster than teaching it thru paper. I also help him sing songs to remember the multiplication table. I dont know if this could apply to your kids intelligence. But I hope I gave you a little idea on it.

    1. Thank you so much. These are really helpful. I hope I’d find some song about the times table in the internet. Do you still remember that multiplication table song? Can you share it with us?

  12. Awww, I wish I had some tips to give you. I don’t exactly hate Math but I don’t love it either. With my kids, I always just printed out worksheets and had them practice based on the steps provided in their books. Seemed to work fine for them. Good luck to you!

    1. Thank you Janice. It is good that worksheets work for your kiddos. It is a lot easier on your part. My daughter on the other hand is a kinesthetic learner. They learn quite differently from most audio-visual learners.

  13. I’ve always hated math.. still do… thank god my kids are smarter than I was as a kid, my oldest daughter helps my son, because, sadly.. it’s been so long, lol

    1. Had you met a teacher or someone who made Maths fun for you, you would have a totally different perception towards Maths. This is something I want to create for my kids. Thanks for dropping by

  14. Like most of the people, Math is one subject that I hate. Give me books to read, I am fine with that, But with numbers? All I am interested in numbers is when it shows the numbers rising in my Paypal account! LOL

    Good thing, though, my kids have no difficulties with the subject or I am doomed!

  15. I’m no Math Whiz but I heard that Math-U-See is great for kinesthetic learners. I have no experience with that yet, not until my youngest starts on his academics 2 years from now. My other two are auditory and visual so the traditional way of teaching them works. My eldest gets excited when his dad starts asking him application questions when we’re out. Like when we ordered at a restaurant, my hubby would ask him to calculate how much it all costs and how much change to expect. 🙂

  16. i had the same question some years ago when i was toiling over advance Math subjects lie Differential Calculus + Differential Equation when one my classmates told me that they are studied to help with exercising our brains + I guess I agree.

    Math is really my most hated subject but I had to change that especially now that my little man is ready to go to big school. we ought to make numbers appealing to the little ones so they won’t have the same attitude towards numbers + Math!

  17. Wish I could help, but I’ve never liked math or been particularly good at it! I was always much better at language arts. Your little ones are adorable.

  18. I really connected with this post, I hated mathematics and always do. But it has a lot of applications in many fields which is inevitable.

    1. It is also a great exercise for the mind. But the thing is if as a kid you had a pleasant experience with Mathematics, then no matter how difficult it is you will face it positively. For most kids though, Mathematics is always associated to some unpleasant experience, such that even the mention of the word they would already give a sense of dislike.

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