Phonic Reading

“Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body ” – Joseph Addison


Reading is just simply something that you can’t do without.  It is the foundation of all other  learning. It is a fundamental and a pre-requisite to acquiring the rest of the skills in the learning spectrum. It is important for us as parents that our kids are able to read.

As far as I can remember, phonics reading has always been the most effective system used to teach reading.    Teaching kids phonics is like teaching them how to fish.  Once they know the basics, everything else follows.  For a detailed information on phonics, please read Phonics Basics.

Summer, our daughter is now in Reception in Sunshine International School of Songkhla, Thailand.  She is able to identify the sounds of the letters in the alphabet.  She is able to identify the letters, but she gets a bit confused with small letters i, j, and l.  When I saw her read her first book, I was very happy.

Here is Summer reading her first set of books.



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14 thoughts on “Phonic Reading

  1. Good job, Summer and mommy! I taught my son to read at an early age too, and so when he started going to school he didn’t have a hard time with his lessons. I love to read, and so does MrC, so it’s great that our kid loves it too. 🙂

  2. So, so cute! Reading is so very important, and there’s never an age too young to begin working on reading. My 3 year old is already reading some words on his own. It makes such a difference when it’s a priority of teh parents to work on reading with their children. We read every day, and it seems like you do, too. Awesome job!

  3. Wow, impressive sounds turned music to my ears. It’s very rare for kids at the preset time like your daughter to read at the style like this – phonetics (I would even doubt if they do even learn the thing properly. Err, I mean reading). Keep it up!

  4. She’s just too cute! I love that video. I know the whole word method (gradual phonics) was popular for a while, but I learned to read on an intensive phonics method, and I did very well. I’m planning on using the same method to teach my son how to read.

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