5 Features You Might Like to Have in a Family Car

Investing in a family car is a crucial decision to make for an average family like ours. My husband and I had a long discussion on what kind of car to get to replace our aging Nissan Sentra, even the make of the car was researched and compared. The time invested on research and review-comparisons did not go to waste as we are now currently enjoying the services of a reliable, fuel efficient, road worthy vehicle, the Toyota Vios/Yaris. It has been 5 years since.

The Toyota Vios (Asia) or Yaris (USA) is a B- Segment sedan. For a family of 4 it is more than enough to take the kids to school and drive it going to the office. On road trips this car just gives you that sense of confidence on the road knowing you are in a reliable car. This compact sedan is also easy to drive and easy to park. Fuel efficiency is also one of the reasons why my husband and I agreed to get it. We love to travel by car so the more fuel efficient the car is the better.

However as our kids grow our family activities are also getting diverse and we somehow feel that we are outgrowing the functionalities of our vehicle. Our kids love to ride their bicycles around the city park but we could barely fit one bicycle in the boot let alone two. So we ride in discomfort with one bicycle in the boot and one inside the car placed on the backseat. This is a dangerous set-up and we don’t want to be doing this for a long time.


So we are now in search for a vehicle that would cater to the demands of a growing family.  Cars.com is certainly a great help, as they have got wide selections to choose from. We are eyeing 3 time-tested car brands with their respective MPV offerings – the Toyota Avanza, the Honda Mobilio and the Suzuki Ertiga.

Below, we have delineated must haves in our family car.  Although based on our personal preferences, these nevertheless might be features that you would want to consider in your new car.


The reason why we are eyeing these three MPVs are as follows:

  1. Huge boot space – As I have mentioned our kids are into biking and we need that space for the bicycles. And not only that, we could use that boot space when we are on a road trip for our suitcases and a whole lot of other stuff that we like to bring with us on the road.
  2. Third row seats– Some may say third row seats are not that important but it is. We have experienced so many times driving with our kids on our laps because we have guests and we don’t have enough seats. And that is very dangerous.
  3. Cup holders– Now many may think of this as petty but it is definitely not if you have kids onboard all the time. Surely, most parents with young kids are with us on this. Anyway, this petty little feature is one of the things lacking in our reliable car and it is pretty annoying.
  4. Reclining middle row seats– This is a must for long distance trips. Your passengers will be more comfortable a bit reclined while on a long journey as to sitting upright the whole time.
  5. Price– For middle class families like us we are also very concerned with the price. SUVs can very well solve all our vehicle problems but would surely kill our finances. These three cars we are eyeing have some of the traits of an SUV for a lot less.

Now we are still on the process of choosing which of the three we would get. We would go through the same process of comparing specs and reviews of these MPVs before we decide to put our money down.


For parents out there with plans on buying a family car, what features do you consider important? Do we have similar preferences?


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26 thoughts on “5 Features You Might Like to Have in a Family Car

  1. Yeah, agree with having a roomier car especially that the kids are growing. But we are also very concerned with the budget. I don’t know when we can upgrade our old sedan.

  2. Thanks for sharing these car tips. My knowlege with cars are so minimal, so I rely on with my partner on that area.

  3. So many car options today, I can understand how overwhelming it can be to choose a family car!

    Happy car hunting and I hope you find the family car that’ll have everything you can ever want! 🙂

  4. We are a family of five so the main key factor in choosing for a car is the size. Also every corner of Metro Manila gets flooded so we need a bigger car in order for us not to get through it. HAHA.

  5. Deciding for a family car, especially for the first time, is exciting and fun. There’s a lot of choices but the list will be trimmed once you have finalized the deciding factors. These five reasons are I think nice to start with. I would also consider safety hence having really great airbags.

  6. Great tips!! I’m very far from buying a family car right now but I’m sure my parents would agree with your list. Can’t wait to see what you choose!


  7. Many will surely like these feature on their cars. These are cool things to have especially when you and your family are on a trip.

  8. Ever since our kids are babies, we already bought an SUV. My first car was an Adventure. We chose it because we want to be able to bring everything the child needs. This Adventure went all the way to Puerto Galera via RORO, bringing practically all the children’s stuff with us. Hehe.

  9. I think SUV is very much preferred for families (our family is getting bigger and our current car is a tight fit on days when everyone is visiting us. LOL). I think space is very important 🙂

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