Imelda Marcos in the Making?

A little background here…

Imelda Marcos was the first lady of the 10th President of the Republic of the Philippines, Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos, Sr.  She’s one of the many Filipina women who caught the attention of people from across the globe.  A Thai colleague from a school I was previously affiliated, told me that their Queen is as beautiful as Imelda Marcos.  Wow!

Well anyway, she is famous for amassing 3,000 plus to-die-for shoes.  Something that will be remembered by Filipinos now and in the future. Whether most of these shoes were given by friends and sponsors, or were bought by Imelda herself the reality was she had this huge collection of shoes that most Filipinos found unfathomable.

Over the years, owning several pairs of shoes are liken to or is synonymous to “The Imelda Marcos Shoes”.  Growing up, our parents (both my husband and I) could only afford to buy us a for-all-occasion pair of shoes in a year, imagine in a year.   Fourteen years of schooling that means only fourteen pairs of shoes.  So looking at my daughter’s shoes makes me think of Imelda Marcos.

Summer at four years old already has accumulated more than twelve pairs of shoes.  All from the same brand that is available worldwide, but very affordable and of good quality.  Otherwise, we won’t be able to afford them.  As parents, we are thankful that we could provide.  But we are careful not to spoil her.



These are some of her shoes that she’s still using.  Those that she has out-grown were given to her cousin.

Values that we could impart to our kids.

* To be happy and grateful of whatever they have because there are many others who have none

*Never to be jealous or envious of others for there will always be greater persons than they are




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35 thoughts on “Imelda Marcos in the Making?

  1. There are no two parents alike. As for me, I do buy shoes, clothes, toys and other stuff for my kids if and only if I for myself feel that they do “need” it. I want to inculcate as early as now (my son is turning 3 on july while my youngest just turned one last January 2014) the essence of appreciation. I have observed that when a lot of toys are around my kids, they do tend to just throw it…so I tried to keep their toys and leave a few. And voila! It had a positive effect. My son knew how to appreciate and keep his toys without being told so…while my little girl also keeps her own in her playpen…

    1. Good point Olivia. This is true, having less makes us appreciate things. That’s why poor people are more appreciative of whatever they receive no matter how simple it is than rich people. I am speaking in general terms, because there are also few rich people are so unlike the others. Thank you for dropping by

  2. As a child, I only had few shoes as I can remember. One leather and one rubber. I just can’t remember if it’s every year hehe. Up until now, I only keep 2-3 pairs. This taught me frugality. Which I think for me is a very special character/ trait. Kudos to you! 🙂

  3. Oh, I love shoes and with two girls of my own, it’s really so hard to discipline oneself and not buy too much. However, the size of their feet have been growing faster lately so it’s really not advisable too many and definitely not those that cost an arm and a leg.

    1. Oh gosh you are right. She loves my shoes, and is very vocal about wanting to wear high-heels in the future. She reminds me of myself when i was young.

    1. Lol. That would be fun. I wonder if she would even give it a thought. Summer’s shoes are way cheaper than what she had or what she has now.

  4. wow! that minnie mouse black shoes! my daughter loves minnie mouse! my daughter has her own shoe rack as well knowing that we both have the same colours of the shoes everytime we go out

  5. At my daughters age i am careful not to invest in so much shoes. I invest in her clothes and other activities. From experience kids outgrow them and don’t want to wear them, Yung favorite lang sinusuot lagi.

  6. I can relate. I also had very few shoes as a child, but I think it’s because shoes then were not as affordable as they are now as you say about your child’s pairs.

    It’s good that you’re teaching your daughter the values that you’re teaching her especially about being grateful.

  7. I think it’s good that you are already looking to instill good values in Summer while she’s young. For sure, that will pay off as she gets older. A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes, though haha! 🙂

  8. I think thats cute. She’s still too young so I guess thats not wrong 🙂 My take is if you can then give, its an avenue where you can express that you love her.

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