Tmart Digital Weight Kitchen Food Diet Scale Review

This is a product review for the best digital scale in the market today, the digital weight kitchen food diet scale by


I received this fragile-looking parcel, but the interior is actually lined with bubble wrap that serves as cushion for the item.  The actual product looks very dainty, light, and handy.  It comes in 2 different color choices – white and blue, with an all steel display panel. The digits are big enough even for people with bad eyes like me.

DSC01466 DSC01470

DSC01475 DSC01476


DSC01496 DSC01495  

That’s right this versatile device does the conversion for you.  Some people finds manual conversion a bit difficult, and at times could be both a hassle and a hindrance.  So, this automatic unit conversion feature is really a CONVENIENCE.






Further, this digital kitchen food diet scale is useful in so many ways.  It is very   for Science experiments and Science Laboratory use.


 It can also be used in Jewelry Shops.

It can also be used in candy and sweets stores.

This digital kitchen scale is actually an ALL PURPOSE DIGITAL SCALE!  This is definitely a VERY GOOD BUY.


Other basic features include the following.

  • Strain Gauge Precision Technology
  • Key with Full Function: ON/OFF
  • Key with Full Function: Unit
  • Easy-view LCD display
  • Low battery indication/Over -load indication
  • Auto/manual shut Off
  • Powered by 2 pieces AAA battery

The longevity of any gadget and device for that matter, depends largely on how one use it.  This digital kitchen scale is no exception.  It is important to know the do’s and don’ts.

1.  Keep the steel panel dry at all times

2.  Keep the steel panel free from any corrosive chemicals

3.  Clean any stain immediately with damp but not wet soft cloth

4.  Put the digital scale on hard flat surface when weighing


I RECOMMEND this product not only for home use, but also for school, industrial, and business-related purposes.



Although, I received a free digital weight kitchen food diet scale from tmart, all the opinions and reviews expressed here are my own.  I am not influenced whatsoever by any form of payment.


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