I Like It Bald

Derick, our son, had his first hair cut when he was two years old.  My husband was thinking of a hairstyle.  But on my end, without any adieu I thought right away of skin-head ^_^.  I find it so masculine. Anyway, he did not oppose.  He likes it as well.  During our younger years we both wanted to cut our hair that short.  It became popular when Demi Moore played a military soldier in G.I Jane.  Unfortunately, the shape of our head is simply not right for it.

Now we find fulfillment of this long time wish with Derick.  Now that he is still a baby, Mom will decide.  When he is old enough to know what he likes, then Mom has to give way ^_^.

Here are photos of Derick in the Barber’s shop.  This is his second hair cut.  I was not able to take photos of his first. 🙁





What sort of hairstyle do you want for yourself, or for your kiddos?



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15 thoughts on “I Like It Bald

  1. We had our son’s first haircut when he was 2 years old. Got teary eyed as I don’t want to remove his cute curls. So it was not bald for us but just to trim the long hair and make him more look like a baby boy 🙂

  2. I don’t have yet a kid kaya I have no idea for the right hairstyle for them! When my brother was still young, we prefer to have a style of “skin head” 🙂

  3. Kids most of the time cry when they get a hair cut. Good thing now there are more parlors and salon that are children-friendly so getting bald is no problem at all.

  4. I would still prefer stylish haircuts for kids! But if you aren’t sure of what haircut suits your child, skinhead might be the best option. Easy to do, will not require much time maintaining a certain style, and comfortable for your child. 🙂

    1. When Derick is bigger enough to know want hairstyle he wants then he can choose for himself. As of now it is mommy’s choice, lol. Thank you for dropping by

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