Hairstyle a la Frozen

Summer, probably just like any other kids, is very much hooked up with Walt Disney’s latest craze, Frozen.

She tries to memorize and sings the song. Even Derick who only picks up the last syllable of a word sings along with her.

With the movie comes, of course, the frozen dolls.  Summer upon seeing these beautiful Frozen dolls was totally thrilled and wanted to have one as well.  Here’s the difficult part, saying no.  Well, we  simply told her that she just had a new Barbie doll as a birthday present which was just two weeks ago. Even if Frozen dolls are the latest trend, it doesn’t mean she has to have one.  She already has toys, and she should be happy with what she already has.   She was okay with this. (Thankfully)

So instead of sulking over what she could not have, she asked me to braid her hair similar to Elsa.  She likes it.  She said she wants to have powers like Elsa. She took a grass from the school playground, and fashioned it into a tiara….. very imaginative huh.




How do you find Disney’s newest, Frozen? Are your kids into it?

How do you say NO to your  kids?




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22 thoughts on “Hairstyle a la Frozen

  1. my kids are sooo into it! In fact, my 2nd born asked for a Frozen themed party (which we did haha)

    and my little girl has been asking me to braid her hair ala Elsa 🙂

  2. My son thought that Frozen was cute, but didn’t really take to it the way that little girls do hehe. So there’s not much of a Frozen craze at our house.

  3. Yes I know the song. But sadly, I haven’t seen the movie yet. Poor me. Haha. Anyway, we are all young once. I guess it’s good to play with our kids while they are young. 🙂

  4. my daughter love frozen too! she even memorize all the songs! she got a long hair as well so i always do the frozen braid too!

    1. I think if the obsession does not go beyond memorizing the song, singing it every minute, or watching the movie over and over, it’s fine. I even think it beneficial. But throwing tantrums because she wants to have Frozen dolls and other Frozen merchandises are totally a different story.

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