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Playing games is every child’s world.  They live, interact, and learn in this world.  The more engaging and fun the game is, the better.  During these formative years of 2 to 5 years old, kids are like sponges.  They assimilate information fast. But these information could be put to waste if it is not retained.  Kids have higher probability of retaining information for a longer period of time, if the experience is fun and memorable.  So the key here is making every learning opportunities FUN and ENGAGING.

Nowadays, we should use technology to our advantage.  Two-year old kids already know their way around an ipad, a laptop, and android phones.  Sometimes,they are even better than adults.  Since they are so hooked up to these, why not use these to help them learn numbers and alphabets.

Kids Academy Mobile Apps is totally fun and engaging.  Every game is design to make FUN EDUCATIONAL.

First stop, a note to the parents will pop up first thing when you open this application.  It encourages parents and guardians to guide the kids during their first usage.




The games promote the development of fine motor skills for toddlers. They will be asked to trace the letters and follow instructions and the rules of the game.  The entire time, your kid’s auditory ability will be harnessed as they need to listen to instructions to complete the task. But the instructions are clear, simple, and easy to understand.




I find it helpful that each task is repeated twice, as this will reinforce what they did the first time.




They are ask to say the name of the letter, and trace it twice  – first with a guide and the second to trace it by themselves.  The letters are bold, allowing good vision and tracing.  The letters and background are colorful and bright, but not too busy with so many colors.  It is good that the background is white against a colorful letter as this will bring a kid’s attention on the letter and not on other things on the screen.

Other than number and letter tracing, Kids Academy Mobile Application also has phonics reading, and arithmetic operations.  I highly recommend this to parents who are looking for educational apps for their kids.  As a teacher myself, I also recommend this to preschool teachers.  This is also a must for nurseries and preschools as this will be a good teaching tool.


Check out Summer and Derick enjoying Kid’s Academy  Mobile Apps



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Make fun time more educational.  Go ahead download, and share your experience with us.


Disclaimer:   The author of this blog got a free Kid’s Academy Mobile Apps to be reviewed.  She is also financially compensated by upon completion.  But rest assured that all opinions expressed here are honest and unbiased.






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32 thoughts on “Kids Academy Mobile Apps Review

  1. We also started with mobile apps and mr pencil when we were teaching our son how to grip and hold the pen correctly. Now, at 3, we let go of the electronic gadgets and we are using actual pens and papers

  2. Our iPad have tons of games for kids and it helped them as they can recognize every letter easily and how it sounds. These apps can help every children while playing their games. 🙂

  3. I like that fact that this fact reminds the parents to guide the children while using the application. At least there is still time to bond.

  4. I remember when my daughter was smaller I downloaded similar apps that helped her identify the letters. I disagree with experts who says that gadgets are bad for kids. As long we monitor how they use it I don’t think its bad for kids.

  5. Wow ! This is such a very nice app, It is really for kids starting to learn basics it is like having your at home day care or kindergarten schooling. I should get this for my niece.

  6. should prolly need to try this! as you said kids now a days are better than adults hahaha my daughter has a tablet, laptop and a iphone too she has a lot of reading apps on both.

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