Amazing Tips That Will Make You Stop Smoking for Good

Smoking is one of the worst addiction there is.

Not only does it affect you directly but the smoke also has a devastating effect on people around you. It makes matters even worse when you realize that most smokers have a negative view of smoking and would love to quit it for good.

Unfortunately, smoking is similar to coffee: it is something that can easily become a part of your daily routine and it is really hard to quit it when you start. Smokers get used to smoking in certain situations for example, together with coffee and whenever you have coffee the ritual goes in conjunction with cigarettes.

Luckily for you there are numerous ways you can quit this vice. Like most similar things, it is mainly about your mental strength. Nevertheless, there are some tricks that will help you do it more easily. Let’s check them out!


  1. Prepare for a long-term quitting

The biggest issue with cigarettes is that people do not have a long-term plan when it comes to quitting. They have general wish to do it but they usually think short-term. This is not right nor does it give needed results. First, smoker needs to prepare for a lifetime without tobacco and cigarettes. If you simply focus on one day or one week, there is a good chance you will relapse when this week is over. Only by telling yourself that you can live without cigarettes and adhering to this can you truly stop smoking.


  1. Find a substitution

Unfortunately, even though long-term approach is the right way to go most people have difficulty during initial weeks and months. Vice has become a part of your daily routine (as previously mentioned) and it is hard to imagine other rituals without it. This is why it is good to get a substitute. Traditional ones are chewing gums and patches. However, due to development of technology today we have even better solutions. Electronic cigarettes are amazing way to do it. They use e-juice or vape liquid as the main substance. According to health in situations, they are much better than nicotine and do not harm your health.


  1. Remove and reduce things that remind you of cigarettes

These rituals that I’ve mentioned are the main reason for relapsing. Coffee and alcohol are to the main culprits however stress can also be very dangerous. In these situations smokers are used to having a release. Besides the fact that you can find a substitution, you can also try to eliminate things that initially cause you to smoke. If you reduce coffee and start drinking something else, you increase chance of avoiding morning smoke. A lot of people smoke when they go to a cafe or a pub. If you reduce alcohol, you are again able to reduce smoking.


  1. Find a hobby

Although this may seem farfetched, there is a good reason for it. Most people tend to smoke when they don’t know what to do with their hands. They are used to having something in them and this becomes a habit. During your free time, find some hobby that will keep your hands occupied. Even if it’s something seemingly stupid such as mixing playing cards or squeezing rubber ring grip, it can be a great help in getting rid of this nasty habit.


  1. Do physical activity

Smokes and training do not go well together. If you are doing some aerobic training, you will constantly require more air and bigger lung capacity. This will prevent you from doing anything that goes against your biological organism. Even if you smoke at first, there is a good chance you will quit it after some time due to sheer inability to keep you physically fit. Just make sure to be persistent with training and you can slowly reduce your need for nicotine.




Anti-smoking tips are in fact small tricks that should dissuade you from continuing to smoke. They are simple things you can use to reduce your addiction and lose will to smoke. If you make them a part of your routine, you will be on a good path to a healthier life.

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27 thoughts on “Amazing Tips That Will Make You Stop Smoking for Good

  1. Smoking is a disgusting habit, funny and ironic that it’s very difficult to quit.

    Strict cigarette packaging requirements with huge and vivid effects of smoking should be imposed by regulatory government.

    We are not smokers but see a lot of inconsiderate smokers in all countries we’ve been. Government rules play a very important part in smokers’ habit, that we can say.

  2. I have tried smoking before. Tried twice. Never liked it so I didn’t try again. I can say it was just out of curiosity. I’m glad I never got addicted to alcohol and smoking, I can only imagine how difficult it is to get out.

  3. Good thing my hubby never tried smoking even though he’s in tobacco industry. We hated the smell. My daughter has asthma so we stay away from those as much as possible. Hay.

  4. I don’t smoke and i never wish to try it. However you gave lots of valid points, and how i wish smoking doesn’t exists at all.

    Okay let’s add a hefty fine equivalent to a one man’s salary for every violations, I guess many will decide to quit.

  5. These are really great and helpful tips. Finding more hobby is one way to avoid our bad habits. And one way they can help themselves to stop smoking.

  6. Finding a substitute or a hobby can really keep you diverted. Running and hiking is a good one as it will make you realize the effect of smoking to your lungs.

  7. It’s a personal determination or commitment for it’s their health preservation. It’s too subjective. I smoked my first cigarette when I was in my Freshmen year and that’s the end of it for I vomited. I’m now 65 years old.

  8. This is a share-able article to a friend to help her quit smoking. It doesn’t only harm her but also harm the people around her. Most of the time, we don’t like to interfere with other’s business, but the damage extends.

  9. In my line of work, I meet a lot of people who have contracted cancer in the upper airway because of smoking. It is certainly a devastating consequence of smoking. I just hope it would disappear from this earth. I cannot believe that some doctors themselves smoke despite seeing these tragedies.

  10. In Norway we have something called “snus” or chewing tobacco. Its highly addictive and I have tried to quit, without success. I will keep your advice in mind, and hopefully kick the habit once and for all!

    1. Oh similar tradition with the Philippines although “chewing tobacco” is popular among older generations and most probably in the countryside.

  11. I quit smoking for two years using the vapor. Then I just recently picked it back up. It started with having one or two every now and then and before I knew it I was full on smoking again. Last time I quit I was really ready and now I feel like I would rather be smoking. I have the vapor on hand ready for when I decide to make the choice, but my mind is not there yet. I agree with your pointers, you really need to be prepared to be successful.

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