I Thought Chandeliers are for the Rich and Famous Only

Growing up I really thought having a chandelier in a modest house is inappropriate and superfluous.  I thought it is only for the rich and famous.  I thought it would only look great in mansions and castles. I was wrong, so darn wrong.

Having traveled to quite a few places and stayed at varied but diverse accommodations and hotels made me realized these.

First, all the places my family and I have stayed in during our travels have got chandeliers. Even cheap guesthouses have got chandelier beautifully incorporated in the room or the receiving area, or even the balcony.

Second, chandeliers actually add charm and elegance to the room giving an expensive feel to it.

Third, there are different kinds of chandelier and that these can be carefully chosen to suit the theme of the place and the kind of feel one wants to depict.

Now to add elegance to my modest home, I am thinking of having a drum chandelier placed at the bedroom ceiling. It is simple, made of wrought iron and beige fabric shade. It gives the right amount and shade of light. As my eyes are too sensitive to bright light, this would be perfect.

Drum Chandelier

There are other kinds of grand, pretty chandelier that I remember appreciating while window shopping before. Let me show you some of my favorites.

Crystal Chandelier

This luxury chandelier is made of bright and shiny crystals with six lights that should cater to E14 bulb base. I remember walking around the home section of the shopping mall, I couldn’t help myself but stare at this pure beauty.

Shell Chandelier

This shell chandelier would be perfect in the dining room. This particular one has eight 8 shades made from natural shell materials. The fixtures are made from wrought iron with white paint finish.


Kids Room Chandelier

Now that I have kids, this would be perfect.  It is cartoon inspired, colorful chandelier. My kids would surely love this type of chandelier.

Chandeliers are great way to furbish up a house and together with other warm and lovely decors this house would definitely feels like home. A place that one would love to go home to after hours of hard work.


What is your favorite chandelier?

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7 thoughts on “I Thought Chandeliers are for the Rich and Famous Only

  1. I’ve seen similar chandeliers like those in the first 3 photos you have shared above. But I could not remember seeing a specific kids chandelier design like that in your 4th photo. It looks cute and fun. I think the kids would love that in their room.

  2. When we bought our first home, my husband wanted to get rid of the chandelier but I didn’t want to because I never had a chandelier in PInas lol. But yeah, it’s a regular thing in the households here.

  3. Me as well, i really thought having a chandelier are for riches only. Only to find out there were cheaper price on it. With classy style.

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