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It was Visakha Bucha,  a Buddhist holiday where Thais visit temples to pray, when we decided to drive and visit Nakhon Sri Thammarat, the largest city in the South of Thailand. This one day road trip had been educational since our kids hadn’t only gotten to experience a Buddhist religious practice. We did not stay in some fancy hotel with kids pool which by the way is their most favorite activity. Instead they explored some ancient artifacts in the temple’s museum dating back to Bangkok period. This may not as outdoorsy as spelunking Phu Pha Phet or swimming at Wang Sai Thong Falls but it certainly is informative and insightful in terms of Thai culture and religious belief.

This is Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan, the main and oldest buddhist temple in Nakhon Sri Thammarat.  Directly in front of the temple’s right wing entrance is the museum.  Inside, you’ll find three large chambers where ancient artifacts that date back to Bangkok period were exhibited. There were hand painted metal cabinets of varying sizes, brasswares,  copperwares, glasswares, and chinas.  Aside from these, there were weapons,  textiles, a few preserved sea creatures, and numerous sea shells.  It is a great place to explore and a good reinforcement for kids studying history and marine life. Taking of photos are not allowed here.

This was taken just outside the museum.  A row of seating,  golden Buddhas outlined the entire length of this side of the temple. On the same chamber,  were displays of huge whale remains and other marine life.

Summer and Derick offered incense and flowers, and said their prayers.


Despite the scorching heat of the sun, exploring Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawin was a great experience.

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19 thoughts on “Explore and Experience

  1. Thailand is very much like the Philippines in many ways. However, I think Buddhism is one of the differences of the two countries knowing that Philippines mainly have Christian followers. It must`ve been an educating trip for your whole family.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  2. i’ve been planning on visiting this place one time in the future. i believe it will be such an amazing experience considering all the positive blog reviews that i’ve read.. 🙂

  3. We’ve not been to Thailand, but we do want to visit it someday!

    Thanks for sharing your experience, will make sure to add this place to my list of places to see when we make get to visit Thailand.

  4. The Buddhist monument looks so nice. It is good for children because they have a lot to learn, explore and to understand about cultures in different countries. Those whale bones looks so interesting.

  5. Would you know how many buddhas do they have in that museum? I wish to visit Thailand and hopefully soon 🙂

  6. Thailand temple is opened for the public to view the exterior of the religious edifice. Our Church has built temple in most of the all over the world and the public is allowed only to view the temple from the outside.

  7. I have visited Thailand but have not visited the South, I hope I could get the chance to visit Thailand again and check out different Buddhist Temples. Seeing your photos made me regret why I didn’t visit a Temple when I was there.

  8. Buddhist temples are quite amazing, noh? I make it a point to visit the Buddhist temples in Seoul whenever I’m in Korea, and each visit feels different from the previous one. 🙂

    1. Right. I wonder if there are Korean influences on the physical structure of Buddhist temples in Korea, or are they very similar to the ones here.

  9. Great photos! We have just visited Thailand but were not able to go to the temples. Would you know the reason why taking of pictures is not allowed in Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan? Is it because of respect for the religion?

  10. I have not been to Southern Thailand. But I had visited a lot of temples in Bangkok and Chiang Mai in trips before. Those whale bones are an interesting relic to see.

  11. What a beautiful old building, such a shame you can’t take photos(for us foreigners), but I do understand. Thailand is on my bucket-list.

    1. Yeah, I really wanted to take some photos. But as a foreigner myself, I thought, it’s not worth breaking the rules. I might get blacklisted, which I don’t want to happen.

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