Freedom and Control is Possible with Kidsemail

Responsible freedom is what kidsemail is.

Today, it is just nearly impossible to not let kids get their hands on technology. The more they are prohibited the more curious they become. If this brings them positive results well and good, but if it swings them on the flip side of the coin, well it spells trouble. And we all have seen unimaginable things happen and are still happening if we let down our guards. Of course, this is something we all don’t want. So be on the guard all the time.
Yet you don’t want to tighten your grip that much, as sand trickles through your fingers as you squeeze on it too tightly.

Kidsemail is just the right mixture of freedom and control. It is a great way to let children have a taste of freedom in using technology and interact with friends through email, while parents gradually instill in them necessary values and attitude to keep them safe in this time of the internet.

Kidsemail safeguards children and teens from unwanted elements that parents dread so much. It is the most kid-friendly website in the entire internetland. One of the features which I love immensely is the parental control, with it parents are able to manage contacts, filter offensive words, and approve or deny emails sent to your children. Emails notifying parents of incoming and outgoing emails are sent directly to parent’s email. It can be used on relatively all devices as it’s supported by iOS, Android, and Web platforms.

For more details about its amazing features read HERE, and HERE on how to register for FREE on your first month.

Now, here’s a time lapse of Summer sending an email to her Aunt in Dubai. She had previously written the letter on her diary.

I encourage parents and schools to avail of kidsemail. It is parents’ greatest partner in keeping children from harms way, and an excellent tool for schools especially that some teachers give homework, other activities, and communication online.

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14 thoughts on “Freedom and Control is Possible with Kidsemail

  1. It does sound like a good idea. As long as the parents spend some time teaching their kids the whole point of email, it should be fine.

  2. I like how parents would be able to filter out items from the email while also letting the kids have fun on their own. I especially like the notification feature so you can already screen through the emails before the child opens one.

  3. I was happy when Youtube Kids came out. Its important to protect kids from the harms of internet. Kidsemail looks promising as well.

  4. I think this is a good start for kids. Having their own email can start them invested on the digital age and also lets them meet people through email.

  5. Interesting concept for a website to be super-kid friendly. It is really impossible to keep our kids off the net, since the school encourages them to research on it as well in addition to their books. I wish this website will eventually further grow and develop for kids of all ages.

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