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As the internet becomes an essential part at work and the household, the safety and security of children are put on the line.  Young children to teenagers are hooked up in the internet.  May it be for school use or just to go with the trend, the truth of the matter is that, the internet is as alluring to children as it is to grown ups. It, being an open source of virtually everything under the sun, puts children in great danger.  We’ve all read of horrible stories about children missing, molested, raped, kidnapped, or subject to sex trafficking directly or indirectly involving internet use.  Aside from these, obscene videos, photos, other graphic materials, and inappropriate words are all over the internet which are all total nightmares to parents.


The dilemma is; how will you keep your child safe from all of these, in this internet-necessitated times?


Actually there are more work to be done on this matter.  However, there are websites that are absolutely child-friendly, safe and sheer heaven-sent for parents.  One of these is Email for Kids, which I straight out love and strongly recommend to parents.  Let me talk you through its fantastic features.




First off, you have to get yourself and your child an account which will only take a jiffy.


Go to to create an account, which is as easy as 1-2-3. Make sure you enter a valid email for the necessary instructions to activate your account. After your account is activated, you will be taken to the Parental Control Panel where you can add the accounts for your children.


Adding Children is very easy. One of the cool features of Kids Email is that it can actually grow with your child. There is a simple option for you to have a standard child account which will give your child an address, or there is an option for an older child that will have an e-mail of with an older look and feel. This is a great tool that allows your kids to keep their email address even through pre-teen and teen years. This is a setting that can be switched at any time.


The best part is the Parental Control. You will definitely have full control of the accounts!  Now, I know this might cause some privacy issue for some, but a child’s safety should always outweighs any other issues.

So, what are its great features?






and more….



Just look how cute the themes are, my daughter chose the Princess theme. So her email looks like this.

Email for kids is a sure way of protecting your children while giving them their freedom.  Kids Email is already pre-loaded in Click N Kids Tablet 2, Kurio Xtreme, and Kurio Phone for Kids. It can be used in all iOS, Android, and Web platforms. For more information connect with them at FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, GOOGLE +, LINKEDIN, and their BLOG.


Do you think these features are enough for you to give your child his freedom?


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