Treat Bicycles Like They Matter

In movies we often see bicycles being left anywhere after the movie character has majestically disembarked from it.  But in reality if you do that, you would be lucky if it is still in the spot where you left it.

Nowadays bicycles have become an essential alternative transportation. People from different walks of life have embraced this mode of transportation with varying personal reasons. Be it for health purposes, financial, or just for the sheer fun of riding it out.

Over the years, since eighteenth century, bicycle engineering has improved tremendously from an almost entirely wood-built body to modern steel, aluminium, titanium and carbon fiber frame.  Today bicycles are fast, light, durable, and fashionable not to mention they are also getting more expensive and valuable.


More and more people the world over are enticed to using bicycles.  It is but proper for every country to look into its safety standards for cyclists.  The United Kingdom among other bicycle-friendly countries has clear regulations in terms of bike safety and security.  Bike shelter UK suffices item #70 of the country’s rules for cyclists.  This, and other cycling infrastructure are important things countries that are currently promoting cycling as a mode of transport should look into.


bike shelter 2         bike shelter1    bike shelter 3  Square-Shelter

Cyclists, like any other vehicle driver have every right to a comfortable and safe parking.  Bicycles already being  considered an important part of the transportation sector needs protection like what other vehicles are getting.  Gone are the days when one can just park it at the corner and still see it there when you get back.  It is already far too important to be ignored like that.  It should be treated however any other vehicle is treated.


Is bicycling widely practiced in your country? What  are the different safety and security measures implemented by your government?




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18 thoughts on “Treat Bicycles Like They Matter

  1. I love riding the bike in the US not only because of the weather but also the security and safety of it. There are bike lines that everyone respects and road rules that everyone follows unlike here. I am hoping we’d have a home in a community like that here, but where is that really?

  2. I don’t know how to ride a bike and my daughter wants to learn it na hihi but I really hope the Philippines will seriously think about the safety of the riders and will impose rules also.

  3. Sadly, I don’t know how to ride a bike until now. I envy other people who can go to different places just by riding a bike. In our subdivision, there is an allotted spot for bikes if the owner decides to leave it.

  4. Those bike shelters are really neat! I recently bought a bicycle after years without one. I also bought a Yepp bike seat for my son, and it’s awesome! I’m looking forward to bicycling more now.

  5. I hope we have safe places where we can leave bicycles without the fear of it being stolen. That is true, bicycles are more expensive nowadays and if you lose yours, one can say it feels like losing an arm or leg. 🙂

  6. You know, I have always wanted to be the family that bikes together, we just never do… We live in Texas where it is over 90 degrees like year round, so outside activities are few, especially since both my Little Miss and myself have issues breathing in the heat! Love your post, though, esp. the history

  7. Over the past 2-3 years, our family has taken a greater interest in bike riding and it has now become one of our favorite activities. The amount of money we have begun investing in our hobby warrants greater care of equipment so that we can continue to enjoy this for years to come without hurting our wallets.

  8. We recently moved to a new city and it seems like everyone here bikes! Neither of my kids do yet but I think next summer we’ll be investing in family bicycles.

    1. True, but there few people nowadays who are asserting and fighting for this. I even hope that here, bikes will also be used and that the government will support this.

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