Why I Chose The Canon 24-105 mm IS USM L Lens


Upon reading the title some of you might be confused and say “What?! An L lens is a Pauper’s Lens?” Calm down, calm down. Put down the torches and pitch forks and let me explain.

Seriously the Canon 24-105mm IS USM L Lens is by no means a pauper’s lens. In fact this is a very pricey lens in its category. But it does not mean a pauper like me can’t save up and get this lens for the proper reasons. Spending a fortune on this lens actually will save me few thousand bucks in the long run and save me the hassle of selling a camera lens I no longer can use. So, why did I choose to have this? It’s because I can use it now with my current DSLR and would still be able to use it when I go full frame in the distant future.

I needed an all around lens I can use with my current DSLR body which is the 550D. A lot of my friends were suggesting the 17-55 f2.8 or the new 15-85mm. I know these 2 are great lenses. I have tried out these two lenses and they were fantastic for the crop framed DSLR’s. Others suggested the 18-135mm and the 18-200mm lens (which were no better than my kitlens). But the thing is I won’t be able to use them when I upgrade to a full frame. So, i will have to sell them, haggle with the price, etc etc and then add some more money and get a full frame compatible lens. And that is a big hassle.

With my current DSLR body the 24-105 is a great walk around lens. Not to mention it is a very sharp lens, built like a tank, weather sealed, full time manual focus. creamy bokeh, smooth zoom and focus rings,and an f4 all through out. It is my go to lens for out of the country travels and road trips and portraiture. And during times when I want to bring only one lens this is the lens I choose to bring. Well it is not that I have much to brag in my lens arsenal but the thing is I still use my 18-55 kit lens for landscape and big group photography and my 55-250 zoom for portraiture and Zoo photography.

I chose to drop my fortune on this lens because it fits exactly the description of the lens that I need. A walk around lens that I can use now with my 550D and can still use in the near future with a full frame body. And most of all it is an L lens. Cheers!

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4 thoughts on “Why I Chose The Canon 24-105 mm IS USM L Lens

  1. The 24-105mm f/4L is a great lens. It is particularly sharp on a crop body where you don’t have the issue of softer corners. Not to undermine your purchase, but, you might find the 24mm (38mm equivalent) not wide enough for a APS-C sensor. I had the 17-55 f/2.8 when I had a crop body and was able to sell it at a minimal loss when I upgraded to FF. Right now you can get it for $869 which is much lower than I purchased mine for (and more than I sold mine used about 3 years ago). I always tell people buy what you need now and not what you might need because of a potential future upgrade. In any case enjoy your new lens!

    1. Hi Mark. Yes, of course i have given that idea some considerations. The wide end will not be so wide and the longer end will not even be that long. LOL! I actually was very enticed of getting that 17-55mm 2.8 lens. But given my financial situation i do not have the luxury of buying and selling lenses. And selling used lenses is a pain in the neck in Thailand. But with the photography i am doing i have found this lens usable. I have been using this lens for 2 and half years now. But in cases where i really need a wider lens i still have my kit lens in my bag all the time. ^_^ Thank you for your comment! I appreciate it much!

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