Green Diaper

Modern times have definitely lessened the inconveniences of yesterday. Housekeeping, for instance, used to be an herculean task. However nowadays, technological advancements have made it easier.  Parents can now multi-task; doing the laundry, cooking, baking, and cleaning the house all simultaneously. Having a baby is another serious matter, but parents have modern conveniences to thank for – safety baby car seats and carriers, baby trolleys,   baby gears, disposable diapers, and much more must-haves to ease the responsibility and difficulty inherent to having a baby.

We have all these beautiful, very well appreciated conveniences on one hand, but unfortunately, as a consequence we have got on the other end of the spectrum important and pressing issues to deal with.

We have to face fairly and squarely the effects, by-products, and aftermaths of all the present comforts if we are to continue life in comfort.  Let’s take diapering for instance. It is very alarming to know that millions of tons of disposable diapers are discarded in landfills every year. If this rate continues year after year, will the convenience we have now worth the discomfort our kids might experience in the future?

Perhaps taking this into consideration as we decide on what diaper to use, would make a great difference.


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