Summer is kinaesthetic

Summer is a kinaesthetic learner.  This kind of learner understands concepts by doing.  They are able to follow instructions properly through demonstration and actual hands-on.  It is very difficult for them to assimilate informations by just listening. As a result, their attention span is short. They get bored immediately, and are always in the move to do this and that.

As early as five months, Summer held her milk bottle on her own. She used a spoon when eating baby food, without the awkwardness of a first timer.  At the age of one, she could insert the car key into the key hole without any problem.  Shortly after that she could turn on the motorbike on her own.  She takes photos of us and things around the house using our Olympus SW 790 camera.

Now, she is three and already goes to school.  She likes to write and color.  So I thought buying her some paints and drawing papers would be a wonderful idea.  Indeed, it was.  She loves it.  She likes mixing the colors, cleaning the brushes, and does not mind having paints on her skin.

I am just thinking that maybe when Benjamin Franklin made this quote “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”, he had the kinaesthetic learners in mind.

Is your kid kinaesthetic like Summer? What are the activities he/she likes doing? Do share…

Here are pictures of Summer painting.



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One thought on “Summer is kinaesthetic

  1. Being kinaesthetic is often times mis-understood as “bobo at makulit” among unaware teachers about the three kinds of learning process of children. This type of learner has difficulty in learning just by listening and observing reason why it is often times misunderstood and branded as “bobo” in class. If it an activity that requires tinkering you would then see that a kinaesthetic learner is in front eager to hold and learn what is being demonstrated or what is being shown but then they get branded as “makulit”. I hope teachers of all levels get to read articles such as this…. this is an eye opener…

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