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Unexpectedly my daughter, Summer, is very much interested in cooking and baking. My husband and I are hardly the average cooks. But boy how we love food. Anyway, there are times when we cook something  that we learned from our parents, but nothing fancy – veggy nuggets, fruitshakes, or some some exotic flower snacks.  It is something for our family to consume. It isn’t worth bragging about to friends on get-together or worth sharing to my readers.   The same goes to our kitchen.  If I am to describe it, well, it’s dull, boring, and functional. So I am really a bit surprised as to why and how my daughter has become so interested in cooking.  Whatever the reasons behind, one thing is clear, we should never let the opportunity to develop this interest pass.

How did I manage to help my daughter considering the facts that I have limited cooking or baking skills and our kitchen is ill-equipped? This is what I did, and I hope to continue doing.


1.  I searched for easy to cook and no-bake recipes. I found this no-sugar recipe, easy, and it has only 6 ingredients from The Frugal Farm Wife (http://frugalfarmwife.com/article/healthy-no-bake-cookies/). Check out her blog for the recipe or you may watch Summer’s Slide.

2. I tried it myself, more than once, to familiarize the procedure and experience it myself.  There are things that one is able to impart well if she has got the experience of doing it herself.

3.  I let her experience bit by bit.  She started just helping out – gathering the ingredients and putting them on the table, beating, stirring, pouring, and measuring.

4.  Then, I let her do it on her on.  The ingredients, measurement, and procedure are written on a white board for her to read and follow.


Watch her here

Is there any other way I could help Summer develop her interest in cooking and baking? Your ideas are deeply appreciated. Please feel free to share them on the comment section below.


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11 thoughts on “Empowered Kids Corner: Aspiring Chef

  1. Way to go in training your kid to be independent and follow her dream. Parents really have a role to play in making sure that kids have access to needed opportunities for learning.

  2. If cooking is not in your bloodline, maybe she got her interest in cooking from the media. Maybe she watched a kiddie cooking show and inspired by it. Anyways, cooking is not a bad passion for kids especially for her. Good thing that you supported her all the way.

  3. I don’t have a kid yet and I also don’t cook a lot so it’s not in my place to give you advice. Maybe it’s me who should learn a thing or two from you haha… Kidding aside, I admire you for supporting your kid, cooking is always a wonderful skill, and who knows, you might be raising a future chef.

  4. You taught her the easy recipes first but first thing, try to evaluate her interest and willingness for the subject matter. Then, the terms and definitions, equipments and other related words in culinary. Teaching the easy baking first and cooking some easy recipes.

    1. Thank you Fernando. You’re right, anyway teaching her the easy ones is the only thing I can do. When she has learned the basics, then, she can explore more on her own.

    1. hi, thanks for dropping by and for linking. Is it the black background of the video? It is I think a default by any video uploaded in Youtube. Do you have any idea how to change it?

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