Saved by the Babyhaler


The Babyhaler is such a heaven sent to us.  It is a tubular chamber, wherein the drug aerosol is inserted in a chamber at one end, and a facemask at the other to provide an effective seal. It is BPA and phthalates free, so it’s safe.

Our daughter, Summer, has been taking this anti-asthma drug twice a day for the duration of 6 months.  She has this for a month now; and there has not been any asthma occurrence since. As a kindergarten 1 pupil she is exposed to a lot of environmental elements which could trigger colds and cough which will then lead to asthma, as always the case.  But currently, she has not incurred any of these despite intermingling with so many pupils in school, and the erratic weather we have at present.  Prior to taking this medication, there was not a day that Summer was free of colds.  And it was a constant distress to all of us, knowing that the moment it will develop into cough, the inevitable will surely happen.

The Babyhaler is truly a gift.  Now, there are no more frantic, late night drives to the hospital for a nebulizer.  The nebulizer could be ineffective especially for infants and toddlers as this requires to be inhaled for 10 to 12 minutes at least. This requires the cooperation of the patient which is quite difficult to ask from infants and toddlers.  Summer was barely 5 months old when she had the first asthma attack.  Wearing the steam-emitting over-sized facemask for 10 to 12 minutes was really frightening for her.

Now with the Babyhaler our daughter Summer has been doing a lot of things that normal kids do.  She explores and experiences the world freely, and our family travels worry-free. Whoever invented this contraption, I guess I can speak for all asthmatics, we truly owe you a lot.

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8 thoughts on “Saved by the Babyhaler

  1. It’s a good thing that this was invented. Babies suffering from asthma attack are helpless and in the process makes the parents vulnerable not knowing how they can ease the pain that their children are going through. Thank you to the inventor of this.

    1. Amen to that Kaye. Prior to having this babyhaler, I get so distressed even to the point of getting angry whenever someone sneezes and my daughter is around. Before you know it she’s already sick. And true it is such a pain looking at them breathing laboriously.

    1. I agree with you Dorry… but have the patient checked by an asthma specialist first. There are so many types of meds for different types of asthma. Thanks a bunch for your comment!

  2. We have this at home as well as the nebulizer. My son was diagnosed with bronchitis and we need to nebulize every 3 hours for 10 minutes if he gets attacks.

    I suggest visit an allergy specialist too and have your kid’s iron checked, my son has iron-deficiency before which along with some allergens triggers the attacks. I had to cook iron-rich food often for him…he’s 9 now and there are no more attacks, hopefully for long. 🙂

    1. Hi Gizzelle. Thanks for sharing your experience and some info about your son. When i was writing this article i was so preoccupied about what to put down that i forgot a lot of valuable information. LOL! We looked for a specialist here in Thailand for quite a while knowing that this is the only solution to our daughter’s problem. But it really took a while before we found one. We were already so frustrated that we already planned of going back to our country and bring our daughter to my husbands asthma specialist in his home town. (Yes, my husband is asthmatic too.) It was a good thing that a doctor, who could speak English fluently, attended to our daughter during her last asthma episode and told us about the only asthma specialist in town. Thus came the baby haler in our hands. Again thanks for adding up the info on iron deficiency. we might just do that… Thanks!

  3. The new generation are lucky to have this. I wish i had this when i was that young. I had to put up with a lot of quack medication for my asthma and nothing did ever work. I had drank ash from flying lizards to boiled roots and barks of medicinal trees but nothing did ever work… i had a 1 full year of expensive therapy with zadec. Still it did not work. I started using the inhalers when i was already in high school… so during my younger years i had to endure all those asthma attacks and one in particular that almost cost me my life. So…. Hurrah to these new medical techs that are helping young asthmatics of today. Cheers!

    1. We definitely have a lot of superstitious belief. I lost my turtle pet when I was young because they say its ash can heal asthma. Until now, everytime I remember that incident, it still bothers me so much…They killed my poor little pet.

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