Reading Corner: Splash and Squelch

Splash and Squelch is another Oxford Reading Tree book.
This is more than just a reading video. Summer could not keep herself from sharing her thoughts about what she’s reading. I just let her be, she seemed to enjoy it anyway.

Do you have any thoughts about the video?


– Mitchelle –

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11 thoughts on “Reading Corner: Splash and Squelch

  1. My name is Nantiya Krajongklang EIC3\1 No.155401030116
    – The story is about the activities of these three people do together. Such as, they like to swim,run in the sand and jump off the log.
    – A father and two children.

  2. Q : What is the story about?
    A : The story about the adventure of three people.They’re go play outside.They splach in the pond,squelch in the mud and spring.

    . Thank you.
    . I’m Phawinee Srisawat EIC.1/1 group 3 No.157201032022

  3. This reminds me a bit about my 3-year-old son. He can’t read yet but he loves when I read to him. Recently, he has been asking me to read him his new favorite book. We’ve been reading it so much that he has memorized parts of it already and can tell the story on his own. 🙂

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