Reading Corner: Splash and Squelch

Splash and Squelch is another Oxford Reading Tree book.
This is more than just a reading video. Summer could not keep herself from sharing her thoughts about what she’s reading. I just let her be, she seemed to enjoy it anyway.

Do you have any thoughts about the video?


– Mitchelle –

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11 thoughts on “Reading Corner: Splash and Squelch

  1. My name is Nantiya Krajongklang EIC3\1 No.155401030116
    – The story is about the activities of these three people do together. Such as, they like to swim,run in the sand and jump off the log.
    – A father and two children.

  2. Q : What is the story about?
    A : The story about the adventure of three people.They’re go play outside.They splach in the pond,squelch in the mud and spring.

    . Thank you.
    . I’m Phawinee Srisawat EIC.1/1 group 3 No.157201032022

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