Fruitshakes for a Healthy You

Sugar is a general term used to describe substances that are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen at varying amount.  Thus there are different types of sugar – monosaccharides, dissacharides, and oligosaccharides.  These are present in many different food including fruits and vegetables.  Naturally contained sugar are balanced by fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other components found in fruits and vegetables.

Reality bites, unnatural sugar is readily available.  Examples of unnatural sugar are found in processed food such as cola drinks, powdered juices, powdered teas, energy bars, chocolate and sugar-coated crisps and chips. The thing is, these are even cheaper than the ones found in natural products.  This widespread availability, may be economically good but health-wise damaging especially for kids who are still developing their nutritional foundation, metabolism, and hormones.  Sugar could also create havoc to adults who have health issues like diabetes, high-blood pressure, heart diseases, insulin problems, and weight problems.


But it seems like it is way too impossible to do away with sugar nowadays.  Maybe what we can do is minimize our sugar consumption by eating more of the natural food like fruits and vegetables.


So lately, we have been cutting on our cola, powdered juices and tea consumption.  Instead, we blend our own fruit shake.  My family loves watermelon and cantaloupe milkshake.  These two are naturally sweet.  So they need lesser amount of sweetener.

3 tbsp. of condensed milk or raw honey, 2-3 cups of sliced watermelon/cantaloupe, 1 cup water, and a bit of ice are just the right combination for us.  You can modify this depending on your preference. But I suggest using fruits which are in season, they are usually cheaper.  So you are not only eating healthy, but you are also spending wisely.




Do you have your own health drink at home? Can you share it with us?



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