Bond In The Beach

There is nothing like family time on the beach.

The beach is one of the all-time favorites for family bonding.  It is a place where kids can be free. They can build their sand castles, run, scream their lungs out without the fear of disturbing others.  It is a place where Moms and Dads unwind and momentarily forget all about work-related stress. It is an inexpensive, heaven-sent place for the family.

But whatever beach activities the family has delineated, there are important essentials that should not be forgotten. First is wearing comfortable beach attire, swimming trunks and bathing suits, or plus size bathing suits for big mommas. Second is protection from the harmful effects of the sun, bring sunglasses and sunblock lotion. Finally, beach shovels and toys for the kids. Protection and comfort are just as important as having fun during family time.




Go out and have fun in the sun.




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6 thoughts on “Bond In The Beach

  1. i super miss the beach! I am such a wanderer. I make sure I travel at least twice a year but this year mukhang nganga! Bawal pa ang baby. 🙁 But next year, babawi talaga ako!

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