Douglas County Schools are a Big Draw for Families

Most parents want their children to attend top performing schools so they may move to the area where they want their child to attend school. When parents are planning their children’s future, they should do their homework and research information about the neighborhood and schools .For house-hunting families, the quality of district schools is no less important than square footage, number of bedrooms, or the size of the backyard. Finding a home with a great community and thriving schools are often buyer requirements. For families searching in Denver for a place to call home, Douglas County is proving to be a top-notch consideration for the high quality of its new developments and its schools.

Douglas County Schools

According to locals, “The Douglas County School District is a leader in Colorado’s public education, outpacing state performance in every grade and on every subject tested by the Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP). Douglas County students exceed the state average by 12 to 21 percentage points. And students continue to widen the gap.” (1) Not only do Douglas County schools excel at academics, but they boast a rich array of extracurricular activities at all levels. Students can enjoy an enriching learning environment that features strong community involvement.

Douglas County is a five-star school district. (2) As one of the highest ranking districts in the state, it’s no surprise that families are adamant about moving to Douglas County when contemplating a Denver move. While Denver boasts many attractive neighborhoods, the Douglas County region and its excellent schools are extraordinary and well worth checking out if you are currently house hunting.

Living in Douglas County

Although there has been a definite housing shortage in the Denver region, Douglas County boasts new developments that are easing the inventory shortage. Not only are new communities within minutes from the county’s fine schools, they boast many other great features like luxury constructions, convenient shopping, access to health facilities, parks, and so much more. The development of close-knit, family-friendly neighborhoods is proving to be a major draw for the Douglas County region.

Families have a lot to consider when moving to a new city and neighborhood. Luckily, Denver has many fine areas like Douglas County and its new developments to consider. With top schools being a high priority for families, Douglas County schools continue to strive to maintain and improve their high state rankings.

Although most parents would like their children to attend top performing schools, they should always make sure their child is happy. If the child does not like the school or neighborhood, it will be harder for them to achieve good grades or fit in. If the child does not fit in to the environment, it may cause emotional stress and loses confidence. When researching for schools or looking for a house, it’s important to ensure the environment is right for your child and everyone in the family since it will affect the whole household.

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7 thoughts on “Douglas County Schools are a Big Draw for Families

  1. Seeing the picture of the school alone gives me somehow what kind of learning they can provide to their students. Like literally, they can really raise yours to the top like that mountain. And definitely for a parent’s POV, quality education is more important than anything else.

  2. This is the first time I’ve heard about Douglas County Schools. Well, that’s prolly because I reside in the Philippines and have no idea about US education. I am only familiar with the Ivy League schools movies always include.

  3. First of all, I love the scene at the back of the school. Secondly, it’s only now that I realized you’re not residing in the Philippines.

    Anyway, we live so near the university strip here in Bonifacio Global City and the facilities of these international schools are really quite impressive. I’m hoping our kids would get scholarships in one of them once they go to big school.

  4. Agree, parents love to send their kids in best schools so choosing school is very important. I’m happy that we have good schools here in our place.

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