7 thoughts on “Reading Corner

  1. I always make sure to pay attention that my son isn’t skipping words or guessing when he reads. In the beginning, he would tends to skim and sometimes missed some words. I think I’ve done a good job of raising a reader, though, coz we’ve moved up quite a lot as far as lexile ranking goes. And he really does love reading! 🙂 Your daughter is doing a great job!

  2. Good job baby girl! 🙂 Start em young. Reading is very important talaga. Sabi nga nung dati kong teacher, matuto ka lang magbasa, learning would be alot easy!

  3. Good job reading, little girl. My little boys are cheering you on as we listened to you read.

    I used Singspell for my eldest, my second child learned everything on his own, and I’m not sure yet what would work with our youngest because I can’t even get him to stay on one page long enough to read to him the entire text, haha

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