Reading Corner: Spell Me Out

Instead of reading a book, Summer insisted on doing her spelling. Oh well why not… spelling is as important as reading. ย So here she is.

How do you teach spelling?


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8 thoughts on “Reading Corner: Spell Me Out

  1. Hello teacher
    I’m Pateemoh Yusoh EIC group 4
    Question :
    What is the story about ?
    Answer :
    splash,spoldge and squelch way through the welly splash.

  2. Hello teacher
    I’m Yameelah seng EIC group 4
    Q : What is the story about ?
    Ans : splash and squelch let’s splash in the pond, squelch in the mud and spring like squirrels! let’s jump off a log and hit a stump with a stick

  3. My son doesn’t like spelling so much but his school always gives surprise spelling test both filipino and english so we’re now practicing spelling at home too.

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