My After Giving Birth vs Kate Middleton’s

Kate Middleton discharged from the hospital seven hours after giving birth to her third child.

Kate Middleton came out from the hospital with her third baby looking as radaint as ever. Oh that look is not the look of a woman who just gave birth, right? Except for that tiny post baby bump, I wouldn’t know she had been pregnant or has given birth for that matter. Her eyes, nose, and skin show no sign of pregnancy. And oh, she was on heels.

This really got me thinking of my own after giving birth experience. Prior,  I’ve shunned any thoughts of it as I don’t want to bring those memories back.  However there is happiness in sharing and knowing others’ experiences. In a previous post I talked about my traumatic breastfeeding experience  which I’d deeply appreciate if you check it out. But before that please read on and see how similar or dissimilar our after giving birth experiences are.

I have got two children and well in both times, after giving birth I felt I have just exercised rigorously nonstop for 8 hours; and oh I also looked horrible. Horrible enough I wanted to hide under the bed cover for weeks.

Let me walk you through it, and tell me if you had a similar one.

1. Extremely exhausted. I have never been that exhausted in my entire life. My body felt bruised and heavy. I just wanted to sleep for a long time.

2. Soreness everywhere. My eyes were, and so was my vagina. Not just sore, it was swollen too! Side to side movement was a pain. Walking was painful. But peeing was the worst!

3. Here’s the worst part, puffed face in the “worsiest” (if such word exist) possible way. I remember I didn’t want to see my face in the mirror or my photo taken. My nose was super big and my eyes were like Yoda’s.

4. Dry, unattractive skin caused by pregnancy triggered melasma. It’s worst around the neck and armpit.

And oh, wearing shoes after was a no-no let alone heeled shoes. I wish! My feet were as big and swollen as an elephant.

I have seen other women among my circle of friends and women in my community  go through quite similar to mine. However I’m wonderin how celebrities and other famous people make giving birth look like a walk in the park.

Was it a walk in the park for you?

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18 thoughts on “My After Giving Birth vs Kate Middleton’s

  1. She is a very blessed lady, indeed. After each of her children were born, she was even more radiant and stunning than before. I wish I had been blessed with that, but my skin was less than appealing after giving birth.

  2. It was not a walk in the park thus, I am so amazed to see Kate for fresh after giving birth. I hope they would share what they did to make this possible.

  3. My first child – her birth was traumatic and ended in an emergency c section. I was mentally and physically exhausted. My scar split open two weeks after O was born. The birth was truly horrible.
    My second child was the complete opposite. I had no choice but to have a c section. Afterwards I was relaxed and in no pain what-so-ever!!

  4. Kate really is superhuman, I believe! Just kidding. She is a gorgeous, classy gal and I’m happy she had such a smooth time of it.

    1. Well yes she is gorgeous indeed. However I also do believe that the media and this image that the monarchy has to keep in spite and despite of have something to do with it.

  5. While mine did not leave me feeling horrible, it was not a walk in the park and I certainly, in no way, felt or looked like Kate did.. what I did look like was a mom who had delivered a baby and I was perfectly OK with it because of that little bundle in my arms 🙂

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