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Afro hairstyle is one of the most iconic looks of all time. From Diana Ross, Janet Jackson to Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, and Willow Smith are just few of the many who through the years have sported this gorgeous look. In particular, a full-fat voluminous afro do is a personal favorite. It is wild and carefree. It exudes a certain kind of swag. It is cool. It is beautiful.

Get that look… How?

Thanks to crochet braids, you could rock this afro look any day you want.

What is crochet braid?

Crochet braid or latch hook is a quick, inexpensive, yet protective way to change hairstyle.
The extension must be looped through your natural hair which is braided beforehand. Once done, you can experiment with your crochet braid which does not only allow you to have the iconic afro look you love, but it also gives you freedom to experiment in terms of color, length, and texture. So you can style all you want while keeping your natural hair safe and undamaged.

Constant hairstyling may give the satisfaction of having the kind of look you desire. However in the long run, your natural crowning glory would surely take the heavy toll from hairstyling products. And in some cases, hair loss could be the worst scenario possible no one dreams of experiencing.

So it is wise to use crochet braid.  It is economical. It is easy to use, and gives you that afro look that has been here like forever. Wigging it could be another great idea.

What is your favorite afro look?

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19 thoughts on “Oh I love That Look

  1. I am glad there are options for us to sport different hairstyles now. I really do not like going to the salon to have my hair curled or straightened. The damage those chemicals do on your hair would take a long time to repair. Now that extensions and wigs look so natural, I think this is the best choice we have if we need to wear a different hairstyle.

  2. I absolutely adore afros and you are 100% correct that it is an amazingly iconic look. Doubly so with the more that I read about maintenance. It is so easy to be ignorant to how much work goes into styling and maintaining certain hairstyles. I appreciate both the beauty and the hard work.

  3. It is a great look for most everyone else, but me, i don’t know maybe because the shape of my face doesn’t match the volume of the hair, but i love how thick it is.

  4. I’ve never tried this hairstyle before but I think it would look good on my sister coz she has really curly hair that is all over the place, lol! I hope you can show a video of how to do it on your hair. 😉

  5. I had always loved crochet braids due to the natural feel it has to it. the volume and the way it accentuates my face always makes it my go to hairstyle. Thanks for sharing this

    1. sounds like such a pretty hair. I used to have thick long hair. I remember wanting to have curly hair because most Miss Universe pageant contestants have this voluminous long super wavy hair.

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