5 Reasons Moms Should Wig It Out

Why not,  right?

A wig should be a must in any Mom’s wardrobe.  We’re not talking about clown-like wigs. We’re talking about wigs that actually look and feel like they’re your own hair. Yep they have gotten so advanced these days, thanks to modern technology. These beautiful,  fashionable accessory is popular among top Hollywood celebrities like Gwen Stefani,  Beyonce,  Kylie Jenner,  and of course Lady Gaga. It’s nothing new for fashion models  as well. Coco Rocha, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid are just few of them.

Now Mommies, here are reasons why we need this in our wardrobe.

Protection for our natural locks.  As hair is definitely our crowning glory,  keeping it healthy is important. So protect them from all sorts of chemicals and stress. Whenever a need arises to get your hair done, and especially if it involves putting on hairsprays, styling gel, or whatnot, pause and get that crowning glory in a box instead.

Let’s give our natural hair a break.  Is there a mom here who has not had hair waxing,  hair rebonding,  hair curling, hair stretching, hair oil treatment,or even a simple trip to the salon to get her hair done in one point in her life?  Probably, none.  I had been blessed with strong,  thick,  jet black hair but with all those fuss about hair-rebonding and waxing,  well,  I gave in and had them once.  My hair has never been the same again.  And aside from this, age,  stress,  and neglect have taken its toll. If you and I are on the same boat, subjecting our hair to further stress is way too much.  Let it rest and rejuvenate,  and wig it out instead.

They’re easy and affordable.  Putting on a wig is easy peazy.  While it takes hours to go to the salon (well because of terrible traffic), and another few hours of excessive shampooing and conditioning,  and chemical-inundated hairstyling, it only takes minutes to put on a wig.  So you’d still have more time to do some other important Mommy stuff.  And also,  wigs are affordable,  some are even cheap.  That one time hair rebonding I had cost me $60, while wig online although some could cost you over a $100 there are many which costs as low as $10 only, and mind you these can be worn again and again whenever you feel like it.

Luxury of choosing the perfect style.  One issue I oftentimes encounter in the salon is the incompetence of some hairstylists to get it done accordingly and properly.  On the other hand, wigs are perfectly cut, colored,  or styled.  So, wigging it is the perfect solution.

Lastly, Moms can be fashionable too.  The taboo on wearing wigs is simply gone,  gone for good. Individuals of all walks of life are into wigs.  The reasons for wearing could vary but whatever the reasons are,  wearing a wig is just simply the new in thing nowadays.  If they are in, why can’t we?

Love this!
..and this.
This is one fashion trend that Moms ought to have.  It is safe,  saves us time,  and could boosts our confidence without hurting our hair and our pockets.

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25 thoughts on “5 Reasons Moms Should Wig It Out

  1. Wigs helps us to have a new look without hitting the salon and pay more.
    Just invest for a good wig, made of human hair.

  2. I have virgin hair, the most I’ve had done is a hot oil treatment, but I agree, definitely use wigs instead of using so much products on it when styling!

  3. So I’ve seriously wanted to try wigs just for the fun and change of it. But i don’t even know where to start looking for one. Looks like it would just be fun to switch things up easily without realliy any effort!

    1. I think it’s fun, yeah, but more importantly you get the kind of look you want without harmful your natural hair. It’s quite easy to find wigs. I’ve got the link above. This is a fast-growing industry, thanks to celebrities and fashion models.

    1. True. The quality – improved looks and feel of wigs nowadays, are probably one of the reasons the taboo on wearing wigs no longer exist.

  4. Nice reasons you have cited up there. I can totally see the value of wigs if your hair is damaged by all the abuse it takes. Hair needs to rest too to look healthy again.

  5. Well this is truly a great idea! Sometimes, when I know I don’t need to go out for a few days, (I work from home), I won’t even wash my hair. My hair usually gets greasy and unbearable after 48 hours.

  6. I never thought about wearing a wig before. I have always struggled with my own hair, it never stays as I want to, only my hair dresser can keep it under control. A wig would be a great solution for night outs when I don’t have time to go to my hairdresser.

    1. Nice one. I have short hair (out of necessity), but I’d love to sport a long hair occasionally so a wig is a great option.

  7. Wow didn’t know wig has more benefits than just being a wig. What’s good with wig these days is mostly it looks natural than it was 10 years ago. Good post my friend:)

    1. At my age now, i prefer short hair. But there are times like occasional nights out or work-related parties where I’d wish I sill have long hair. So wearing a wig is the solution.

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