They said….

Boys eat twice as much as girls.

Can their appetite get any bigger than this?

And… he likes to drink his milk with another bottle of water in hand.

derick 1  derick 2  derick 3    derick 5  derick 6

  • Derick started eating rice porridge at 4 months old.
  • He can finish 2 bananas in one sitting. And it’s not a seคorita banana fingerling we are talking about here.
  • He can finish a cup and a half of yogurt.
  • He eats Durian, ice cream, cake……. (well who doesn’t) ^_^
  • He eats basically anything offered to him.

All these with only four teeth, how much more when he already has a complete set of teeth?  I can’t imagine. LOL!

My obstetrician told me that it is quite normal for boys to be a few ounces bigger than girls at birth.  Why?  The reason behind is something unknown even to the medical community.  Although there are theories, but nothing conclusive and definitive yet.  One of the reasons given is the secretion of testosterone by the babies’s testicles causing mothers to eat more.

Derick was 3.4 when he came out. While Summer was only 2.9.  Summer had her real solid food when she was already 1+ old.  Derick on the other hand was given porridge by her Thai nanny at the age of 4 months saying that he would drink his way into a carton of milk… literally. He can drink up to 7 bottles of milk during the day(not to mention he drinks this together with another bottle of water in hand) while in comparison to his older sisters’ 4 at the maximum when she was his age.(we are talking about milk consumption during the day time in their nanny’s care.

Now, Derick consumes 2 to 3 bottles of milk a day with breakfast and lunch of heavy porridge and rice with soup respectively.

Share your own experiences with your children, nephews, nieces or what have you…

Leave your comments or creative responses below! ^_^


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18 thoughts on “I EAT..I DRINK..I GROW

  1. Both of my girls were eaters. Especially my youngest daughter. I started them on mashed potatoes and other blended foods when they were pretty small. I think maybe 8 months or so. Before that, I did mix cereal in with their bottles to keep them satisfied till the next feeding. They’re 12 and 8 and still eat me out of house and home lol!

  2. My son was like that. He started soups at the age of 4months and yes he is much bigger than my little girl. He didn’t even use his 0-3months old PJ’s that much I think it was just a week while my little girl is still using the 0-3months PJ’s until now that she’s 1 year old. They have the same appetite and their love for food but boys are really bigger than girls.

  3. Wow he started early with solids! I love babies who are great eaters and are not picky. Jacob’s basically the same too, eats everything! But his meals must have soup along with whatever meat and veggies we serve him.

  4. Just be careful not to let the bottle with milk stay too long in his mouth. It might cause cavities. That’s what happened to my little girl. But it’s okay, it’s milk teeth naman. 🙂

  5. He is a hungry, growing boy! I’m sure that he will slow down as he gets older. As long as your Dr. says that he is healthy and on the right track, I would not worry! Just enjoy him! He is a cutie! 🙂

  6. my son, now 3, was relatively like that when he was younger. he started to be picky with food when he became a toddler. how i wish i can trace back what happened and address it. or hope this phase – if it is a phase – to end already. 🙂

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