Hey Hey Linda

This boy who calls her mom by her name is not cool.

 son call mom linda

But Ellen DeGeneres broadcasting this, is all the more not cool.


Sure, parents are not perfect, and sure there are kids who are undergoing a difficult stage.  But do we really have to show this to the world?

The media is very powerful. Whether we like it or not, kids as young as two years old  already know how to browse youtube.  Young kids absorb whatever they see and hear very quickly whether it is good or not.  Now,  don’t you think it is quite difficult to explain to a toddler not to follow or imitate this boy’s behavior?

linda linda

Ellen Gave The 3-Year-Old Who Wanted A Cupcake For Dinner More Cupcakes He Could Handle

This one above is a very powerful reinforcement of the kid’s behavior.  This is telling the boy and other kids that what he did is alright.  The way this boy talked back to his mom is certainly alarming.  If you allow your kid to talk to you this way now, just imagine how he’s going to treat you 10 years from now.  There are ways on how to assert yourself nicely.  The behavior exhibited by this boy is certainly way from being nice.

I wonder why some people find this cute.

This is just me.

What is your stand on this? Do share..




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27 thoughts on “Hey Hey Linda

  1. I think, the little boy got the way he talks form his parents. Probably this is the way his dad talks to his mom and so he is imitating it. It’s an eye opener that, we are our little ones role models. And with that, we should do just the we want them to behave.

    For me, it’s ok for kids to say what they have in mind, even in an argument, so long as respect is there.

  2. Oh my, didn’t know about this till now. I don’t also agree to this kind of reinforcement especially in their formative years. It will be very difficult for these kids to grow up to accept No’s for an answer. I’ll check this episode on you tube too.

  3. Actually, I find it cute too. I actually smiled the whole duration of the video. I find it cute when he answered back to his mother. But yeah, it’s quite alarming too.

  4. I can’t watch the video you posted. I think the link is not working. Anyway, this is not something funny to be tolerated. I hope we can still do something about it.

  5. When I first saw the video, my Filipino sensitivities were offended! A “talk back” to an elder (parents, older siblings, elderly neighbor, etc.) are unheard of. But I suppose in other countries where they are more liberal, I’m sure most saw that as amusing, the kid was surely creative in explaining. I would spank instead the “grownups” who spoke like that within hearing distance from their kids.

    1. Yes, you’re right. I got responses like “the boy is so cute”, “The boy is so funny” from countries like the US. This is how they rear their kids, and later on they’d reap what they sow. Well anyway, I myself is not perfect. We all follow what we think is best for our family.

  6. I like watching Ellen, I haven’t seen this episode yet though. Children’s brains during their formative years are like sponges and, I agree, reinforcing bad behavior is not the way to go.

  7. Heard about this video but never got around to watching it. I usually love Ellen because she’s really funny, but I think this time the show went overboard. Toddler behavior like this one should not be tolerated, much less rewarded.

  8. I find the video cute but very alarming too. I don’t want to judge the boy because well he’s a kid, he doesn’t know what he’s really saying. Based on how he argues with her mom (listen, Linda, honey…) he probably saw and heard this from his dad. This is the reason why I make sure my daughter is not around when I argue with my husband. I like Linda for sticking to her no-cupcakes-for-dinner rule and the fact that she gave her son a chance to explain his side. Pero yung kay Ellen? Hay naku… Yun ang maling-mali!

    1. I agree Krisna. As I was listening to the boy, I thought I was listening to the husband arguing with Linda. The boy is of course innocent here, but what Ellen did is sending a wrong message to the boy.

  9. Someone told me about this video, but I never got to see it til now. I agree that this is bad toddler behavior, and the segment sets a bad example for kids everywhere. Maybe Ellen (or her writers) just didn’t think of it as that. It could be, too, that we Filipinos are more sensitive to issues like this? Just assuming, of course.

  10. I agree. I understand how this can be cute or funny for some but when you come to think about it, this is not cute or funny at all. The kids can take this the wrong way too. Such a shame that the social media has come to this

    1. I was appalled. The whole thing was sending a wrong message to all kids. They video went viral, so The Ellen show jumped in the bandwagon mindlessly.

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